Tournament Affiliate Program for School Owners and Coaches

“I know it costs you money for closing your school and traveling to tournaments. You miss private lessons and need to hire instructors to cover classes on tournament day...I WANT TO CHANGE THAT!

Let me show you how one school made $4,300 last year with us and countless other academies are using The Grapplers Quest Tournament Affiliate Revenue Share program to generate extra income every month.


Instructors or Coaches can recruit students and team members to participate in Grapplers Quest competitors. As a "Tournament Affiliate", you would accept applications and registration funds and earn $10 each competitor or simply pass along the savings to your students, it’s your call. You will then mail in all completed applications with ONE Payment (business check – received 2 weeks before the event).

For example, the average team brings 20 competitors, so if you recruit 20 Competitors for your Team and collect $1,600 ($80 each), you would send a $1,400 check to us, and keep $200 towards travel expenses, hotel, time off, etc. or savings directly back to your competitors.

Download full details here:


1. PROMOTE: Display Grapplers Quest Posters, SIGN-up Sheet (download below), Postcards, Applications and Event Info in Your Academy where it's extremely visible

If you didn't receive our school event packages, please locate and download the Event PDF package from the event calender here: (also, submit your info here to be added to future mailers:

2. DOWNLOAD sign-up sheet here:

3. RECRUIT: Announce Events, 7-8 weeks in advance and each week following the show to recruit more competitors and possibly offer Pre-Tournament Private Lessons (one coach books 18 private lessons each Grapplers Quest on the East Coast and brought nearly $5,000 last year)

4. DISTRIBUTE: Hand out applications to interested competitors and collect completed forms and Payment ($80 for 1 Division, $120 for 2 Divisions, $150 for 3 Divisions, $180 for 4 divisions).

5. GENERATE REVENUE: Send Completed Applications and Business Check minus $10 per competitor to serve as your savings or "Tournament Affiliate" revenue share profit.Payment must be received 2 weeks before the event payable to:

PO BOX 4505
Wayne, NJ 07470

We truly appreciate your support over the past 11 years and look forward for many decades to come. Please join me in elevating the sport and generating some additional revenue for your academy.

See you on the mats or ringside soon!

Brian Cimins, CEO
Grapplers Quest

Ready to get started already?

Download the two PDF files below to JUMP-START your recruiting efforts

team_sign_up_sheet.pdf235.27 KB
Tournament_Affiliate_Program.pdf206.48 KB


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