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Mr. Olympia in Vegas

I have a few questons that i cant seem to find the answer to on the website.
1. Do you have to weigh in Friday, or can you weigh in the day of?
2. In the no gi events, do you have to wear a rashguard or can you compete without a shirt?
3. IS there, and how do i sign up for "Executive beginner no gi absolute? (i'm 34, with less the 4 months expirence in bjj and no wrestling) Do you have to win your weight class to qualify for the absolute? if i want to do the absolute, do i sign up for 3 classes (bjj white belt, executive no gi, and executive no gi absolute)?

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Looking for somewhere to train in Harlem, NYC

I just moved because of work and had to leave my gym i was training at. I'm living uptown on 146th st and I haven't been able to find any place to train nearby. I know Renzo's and Marcelo's in midtown but they are expensive and im looking for something a little more convenient to get to. Does anyone know of any place in the area? I'd even do a boxing or mma gym, anything to stay in shape and keep training.


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Youth's Age & Skill Level

In registering my seven year old son for the Texas event, I noticed some conflicting information in reference to skill level. My son has been training for 10 months and if anyone could confirm if he would fall under Beginner or Intermediate it would be appreciated.

This will be one heck of a test for him as he turned 7 in July and weighs in at 49 lbs.

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UFC Fan Expo London

First post here, Hello ,

Just wanted to know if Grapplers Quest will be at the UFC Fan Expo In London?

Many thanks

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ufc expo in boston

i registered for the grapplers quest event at the ufc fanexpo in boston and this being my first event i was wondering if u get ur ticket in the mail or if u just show up

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Please Answer! Boston Weigh Ins

I am competing on august 28, but my question is can i weigh in on august 26, 27, or 28?

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Can you kneebar in Mens Purple belt??

Skip to around 3 minutes in.

I am pretty sure the referee messed up....

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Weigh ins for boston

I am competing on august 28, but my question is can i weigh in on august 26, 27, or 28?

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do mens grappling have a good amount of 129ers?

I have never done a grapplers quest and was wondering if you guys tend to get a good amount of 129ers. im trying to decide between that or 130-139 at boston ufc expo. i feel more comfortable at 129, but i dont wanna enter just to find out i'm the only guy there and be outweighed in 130 division.

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Hi Brian,

I would like to know how it's gonna be the payout of UFC FAN EXPO Grapplers Quest.

How much you will pay for category and absolute?


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