Sponsorship and Exhibitor Opportunities at Every Grapplers Quest Event Worldwide

Explode your brand within the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Submission Grappling and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Industry

Grapplers Quest Sponsorship and Exhibitor Opportunities

There are two reasons you landed on this page...

1. You are ready to explode your brand in the MMA Industry
Sponsoring our events will increase your market share, branding, and retail and wholesale sales in the Mixed Martial Arts Demographic suddenly, sharply, and without control. Let me show you how we've helped build brands like Sprawl, Gameness, TapouT and Super Body Care from the ground up in the MMA industry starting with grassroots event sponsorship.


2. You already know Grapplers Quest runs the World's Largest Grappling events and offers the best return on investment in the MMA industry with event and experiential sponsorship opportunities.

Just show me where I can get specific details or sign up now, go to: www.grapplersquest.com/catalog/sponsorship

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This is Brian Cimins, CEO and Founder of Grapplers Quest, The World's Largest Grappling Events. We've been a family owned and operated business since 1999 and treat our partners, sponsors and exhibitors like the family we've built within the grappling and jiu jitsu community. We are proud to announce that we are offering sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities at events nationwide...but space is limited and first come, first serve.

8 HUGE Reasons why Grapplers Quest offers the Best Return on Investment for YOU:

1. Certified as The World’s Largest Grappling Tournament, averaging 3,000 attendees nationwide
2. America’s Most Prestigious Grappling Competition – featured at The UFC Fan Expo,
3. Attract New Retail Customers (one of our national sponsors averages $13,000 in retail sales per show)
4. Generate Wholesale Accounts by meeting 200+ instructors, coaches and fight shop owners (one of our sponsors generates two to three wholesale accounts per show yielding $35,000+ in sales per year)
5. Launch New Products and Services

6. Show the World that you support the Grappling Community and build Long-Lasting Relationships with experiential, in-person marketing
7. Have your brand featured to 1,000,000+ viewers on our YouTube channel (www.LiveGrappling.com), online grappling community at GrapplersQuest.com and 40,000 Social Networking fans through Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and many more!

8. TONS of MMA Superstars attend every event nationwide and you'll have tremendous photo opportunities - they are some of the BEST people I've ever met and are super approachable for a photo or signing.

Grapplers Quest is REALLY excited to offer you an AMAZING opportunity for you to easily attract NEW CUSTOMERS at our brazilian jiu jitsu and submission grappling tournaments.

We are excited to announce a "NEW" and cost effective model for tournament exhibitorship and sponsorship for vendors and equipment suppliers that will benefit YOU tremendously!

Let me explain…

GRAPPLERS QUEST has been leading the Grappling Tournament industry since 1999. Our first tournament alone brought 224 competitors from the east coast on April 24th, 1999. On December 12th, 2009, Grapplers Quest had 1,587 competitors and more than 2,500 screaming fans, in the same venue for more than 5 hours on average.
We’ve set the standards in the tournament industry for rules, regulations and professionalism. We want to help competitors, coaches, instructors, friends and their families walk away from Grapplers Quest with a complete tournament experience.

Grapplers Quest Testimonials

We give our competitors, spectators (and vendors) more of what they really deserve, want and need to succeed. An organized, professional, courteous, customer service, family & friend oriented, and a fair and unbiased tournament experience. As a sponsor or exhibitor, you will have the opportunity to meet with other real business owners and one of the most explosive and profitable demographic on the planet. You’ll have direct access to help them become more successful practitioners, owners and competitors!

Grapplers Quest and MMA Demographics

If you are looking to accelerate your sales and increase market share, as well as acquire new customers (retail and wholesale) at an exceptionally LOW cost, we can guaranteed Grapplers Quest will help you break into a whole NEW market segment of the Grappling, Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts market!

Dana White and Kelly Perdew Talk Grapplers Quest

Now, I know you're probably thinking..."Why should I spend my time, energy and money as a vendor or sponsor at Grapplers Quest tournaments?" Here are five HUGE reasons to keep reading…

BIG Reason #1 – Your BRAND becomes part of the Show: It's a fact that tournament vendors get MUCH better results if there booths are in the same area as the tournament, rather than being isolated in a completely separate area or location. Your products and services will be featured in a high traffic area for all attendees to see. The layout of the tournament and venue offers maximum exposure and allows us to directly drive traffic to your booth! You'll be placed in the main area where ALL the competitors and spectators will passing by between matches, and during the entire 8-10 hour day at the tournament. The World’s Largest Grappling Tournament guarantees thousands of potential customers every show nationwide!

BIG Reason #2 – One-On-One Relationship Marketing with Competitors, School Owners & Spectators!
The supreme way to create new customers and build stronger relationships is to meet them in person and spend quality one-on-one time with them. At GRAPPLERS QUEST tournaments, we provide you the opportunity to spend time with our attendees. Not only will you have each and every person passing by your vendor space several times per day, you'll also benefit from the one-on-one time you'll get to develop with everyone in attendance.

BIG Reason #3 – Target the HOTTEST and MOST PROFITABLE Demographic in the World: The Grappling, Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts industry has grown in leaps and bounds over the past 10 years. MMA is the fastest growing new sport in the U.S. Athletes, School owners and their families that are actively competing and traveling to tournaments understand what it takes to be successful in the sport and are already educated about what they want and need. Sportsmanship at Grapplers Quest events is unparalleled in the Sport. We cater to those focused and world class amateur and professional athletes who want to grow the sport they love.

Exposing your products and services to our qualified, focused and success-minded competitors will help EXPLODE YOUR BUSINESS!

BIG Reason #4 - Expanded, "Personalized" Marketing Opportunities!
Of course you'll have the "typical" opportunities to get your message to your potential customers that will include your booth space and a vendor badge. But, at GRAPPLERS QUEST tournaments you will also receive additional opportunities for you to impact our attendees

BIG Reason #5 – Grapplers Quest is the #1 Brand in Grappling Tournaments Worldwide and we have the testimonials to prove it:
Grapplers Quest Testimonials

We truly hope you now understand the massive impact exhibiting or sponsoring a Grapplers Quest event can have on your business.

We have included 2 Sponsorship opportunities for you choose from below:
NOTE: Space is EXTREMELY limited and booths sell out FAST, so please choose 1 of the 2 opportunities that best fits your needs below:

Gold Medal Sponsorship (Includes the following):

• Company logo displayed on print advertising for GQ.
• Company logo and link on GQ website.
• Vendor/Exhibit Space directly within the tournament area.
• Up to 4 Vendor/Staff passes.
• Company name and Logo on hand outs at registration table.
• Sponsor and Exhibitor Announcements every hour promoting your brand and booth
• Company logo on GQ tournament T-Shirts (must have artwork no later than 3 weeks before the tournament)
• E-Mail blast to 30,000 Double Opt-In newsletter subscribers promoting your brand
• Post tournament E-Mail blast to all attendees with YOUR special offer.
• Feature story on your company in the Grapplers Quest Forum website
• Brand and Sponsorship Announcement on GrapplingRADIO (10,000 listeners currently, 1.5 million by summer on Sirius Satellite)
• Two Tables
• Two Chairs

Regular Price: $1,500

Early Bird Sale Price: $999 ($501 OFF)



Silver Medal Sponsorship (Includes the following):

• Vendor/Exhibit Space directly within the tournament area.
• Two Tables
• Two Chairs
• 2 Vendor/Staff passes.
• Company name on hand outs at registration table.
• Sponsor and Exhibitor Announcements every hour promoting your brand

Regular Price: $1,000
Early Bird Sale Price: $750 ($250 OFF)


We also offer regional and national and other personally catered sponsorship opportunities.


Brian Cimins, CEO and Founder,

Grapplers Quest,
“World’s Largest Grappling Events”

Host of Grappling Radio at:

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