Beast of the East 3: Garcia, Gracie, Horn, & Florian


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Grapplers Quest Beast of the East 3 DVD Preview:

Since 1996, Grapplers Quest has been hosting the World's Largest Grappling events featuring some of the biggest names from World Class Mixed Martial Arts Events and Reality TV Shows.

Watch the remastered footage showcasing some of the most action packed ground fighting battles in the sport's history including the following:

4-Man Superfight Tournament hosted at Beast of the East 3 (2/17/2007) featuring:
Marcelo Garcia (Alliance/ADCC World Champion), Gregor Gracie (Renzo Gracie NYC), Marcos Avellan (Freestyle Fighting Academy), Leo Dalla (Lloyd Irvin) Plus Alternate Match: Bill Scott (Ricardo Almeida) vs. Andre "Urso" Maracaba (Saulo Ribeiro/Regis Libre)

1st Grapplers Quest U.S. Nationals (3/31/2001) - Lost Highlight Footage: Highlight Reels featuring: Joe Scarola (TUF Season 6, Serra Brothers), Flavio Almeida (Gracie Barra), Rodolfo Amaro (Carlos Gracie Jr.), Todd Margolis (Lloyd Irvin), Mike Mrkulic (Performance/ RGDA), Lauren D’Auguste (Renzo Gracie), Danielle Schubert (Performance/ RGDA), Jay White (Team Quest), Magno Gama (Renzo Gracie), Jason Yang (Renzo Gracie), Dave Jacobs (Yamasaki), Eddy Rolon (Team Endgame) and many more!

2001 U.S. Nationals 4-Man Superfight Absolute Featuring:
Flavio Almeida (Renzo Gracie), Todd Margolis (Lloyd Irvin), Rodolfo Amaro (Gracie Barra) and Eddy Rolon (Team Endgame)

PLUS Bonus Grappling and BJJ Superfights (1999-2001): Jeremy Horn (UFC Veteran) vs. Ken Kronenberg (Balance)
Shawn Williams (Renzo Gracie) vs. Nakapan Phungephorn (Lloyd Irvin)
Kenny Florian (UFC Veteran - vs. Scott Schultz (Tai Kai)

Plus Interviews with Marcelo Garcia, Gregor Gracie, Marcos Avellan, Leo Dalla, Bill Scott, and Andre Maracaba.

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Price: $25.99