2004 Grapplers Quest U.S. Trials - 4 Hour Double Sided Disk


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The 2004-2005 Grapplers Quest U.S. National Grappling Championships features 40 of the Best Grapplers in America battling in five separate weight classes for the prestigious Team U.S.A. Titles.

WHO ARE THE BEST GRAPPLERS IN AMERICA? This DVD answers this age old question.

Lightweight Division (150 lbs. and below) featuring:
Mike Fowler (Lloyd Irvin) - Dave Jacobs (Yamasaki Jiu Jitsu) - Renato Tavares (American Top Team) - Jordan Damon (Tai Kai Machado) - Jeff Glover (Paragon Jiu Jitsu) - Alan Teo (Renzo Gracie) - Mike Mrkulic (Royler Gracie) - Ulysses Gomez (Marc Laimon)

Welterweight Division (150-170 lbs.) featuring:
Diego Sanchez (Jackson’s Gaidojitsu) - Pablo Popovitch (American Top Team) - Shawn Williams (Renzo Gracie) - John Hasset (Relson Gracie) - Tony Torres Aponte (Urban Jungle) - Rob Kahn (Royce Gracie) - Ken Parham (Lloyd Irvin) - Anthony Tolone (Marcio Simas)

Middleweight Division (170-185 lbs.) featuring:
Joe D’Arce (Renzo Gracie) - Nakapan Phungephorn (Lloyd Irvin) - Amal Easton (Renzo Gracie) - Noah Spear (Relson Gracie) - Brad Pearce (Gustavo Machado) - Chris Moriarty (Alliance Jiu Jitsu) - James Brasco (Wrestling) - Thiago Jambo (American Top Team)

Light-Heavyweight Division (185-205 lbs.) featuring:
Rick Migliarese (Balance Studios) - Marcel Ferreira (American Top Team) - Justin Garcia (Jungle Gym) - Rick Macauley (Relson Gracie) - Marco Delima (Gene Simco) - Ken Kronenberg (Tai Kai Machado) - Eliot Marshal (Renzo Gracie) - Glover Texeira (Pit Fight Team)

Heavyweight Division (205 lbs. and over) featuring:
Jamal Patterson (Renzo Gracie) - Jorge "Van Damm" Oliveira (Ralph Gracie) - Tim Carpenter (Balance Studios) - Glen Sandull (Planet Jiu Jitsu) - Tom Muller (Matt Serra) - Marcos Oliveira (American Top Team) - Pat Stano (Relson Gracie) - Lamont Tyler (Royce Gracie)

Also included on this amazing ground fighting DVD includes the debut of 16-year-old female star, Kizma Button, the rematch of Jeff Glover vs. Glenn “Superman” Ortiz, plus the complete event results.

Don't miss the most exciting Submission Grappling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, and Wrestling Tournament in the World today – GRAPPLERS QUEST!

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