You are the Referee...Who won this match (Spangler vs. Vital)?

Walter Vital by Advantage
8% (1 vote)
Spangler by Advantage
77% (10 votes)
Walter by Points
8% (1 vote)
Spangler by Points
8% (1 vote)
Total votes: 13


YOU ARE THE REF...make the call!

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The following match was a very heated and contested match between two rival schools in Las Vegas. We want the sport of grappling to grow and we always want to improve our rules. Please give us your feedback and score the match and VOTE above. Tell the WORLD what you think!

Sean Spangler (Team Robert Drysdale) vs. Walter "Cascao" Vital (Team Mica/Cascao/Machado)

See our Official Rules here:

Who do you think won and why?

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Who do you think won and why? VOTE ABOVE!