These are the matches that make Grapplers Quest the best competition in the World for amateurs to achieve glory. The heart, skill and careful execution shown by our youth divisions is unfounded. Participating in events and tournaments to challenge yourself, makes you a winner before you step on the mats, but when Grappling Magazine in July 06' stated, "Grapplers Quest has the Best Youth Grapplers in the World," it proved what we've been saying all along, keep up the GREAT work everyone!

- Brian Cimins,
Grappling fan for life

Note from Grapplers Quest CEO, Brian Cimins, regarding another great match from the 2009 World Series pitting Jon Brubaker of Next Generation facing off against Jesse Tafoya (Kucevic MMA). Watch the solid guard work in this super technical youth match!

Ask Bill The Grill Cooper and Joe Daddy Stevenson ANY Question you want. We're featuring both of these guys on our GRAPPLING radio show this week - you can ask them ANY question you want by leaving a voicemail to: 1-877-ARM-BAR-1. Your question and the Superstars responses just might be featured on Grappling Radio available on iTunes and streaming at:

"believe in yourself" - I watch this video every Monday or Tuesday for the inspiration for the week. Thanks for being who you were Mask and Rest in Peace!

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We were hanging out with Athletic Body Care sponsored athlete and 22-Time Grapplers Quest Champion, Jeff Glover, when we started talking about some of his techniques that make him a champion in Brazilian Jiujitsu. In this video, he shows some excellent Darce choke tips and also shows a great way to escape from a Darce. Be sure to check out Jeff in his upcoming ADCC Super Fight against Israeli BJJ Blackbelt Roy Neeman. Enjoy!

Train with Jeff Glover at the new Paragon Hollywood in Hollywood, California.
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