Children's Overall Team Results
1st place- Jungle Gym (53 pts)
2nd place- Gracie Barra LI (49 pts)
3rd place- Calandrelli BJJ (17 pts)
4th place- Black Hole/ MFS NH (16 pts)
5th place- CT Combat (12 pts)

Teen's Overall Team Results
1st place- Calandrelli BJJ (16 pts)
2nd place- Jungle Gym (11 pts)
3rd place- Drysdale JJ/Gladiator/ Sergio Pen/ Lions Den (8 pts)

Women's Overall Team Results
1st place- Paragon (68 pts)
2nd place- Yemaso (33 pts)
3rd place- University of JJ (27 pts)
4th place- Pro B (11 pts)
5th place- Elite (9 pts)

Men's Overall Team Results
1st place- Paragon BJJ (93 pts)
2nd place- Elite (55 pts)
3rd place- Fairtex (49 pts)
4th place- Yemaso (42 pts)
5th place- BBJJ (38 pts)

In the coming months, we have UFC Fan Expo Boston (Aug. 27-28) and Mr. Olympia (Sept. 25th) in Las Vegas and some tremendous SUPERFIGHT opportunities for professional mma fighters, ADCC or BJJ World and or Multiple-Time Grapplers Quest Pro Division Champions to compete in high profile matches.

Special thanks to Nick Recanati, Mike, Matt, our amazing referee team, sponsors, friends, family, competitors, teams, instructors and coaches who helped make our show on July 24th, 2010 in Hartford, our first event EVER in New England, a smashing success.

Division Results from 2010 Grapplers Quest Europa Battle of Champions in Hartford, CT, July 24th, 2010, go to:

Youth No-Gi 7-9 yrs Beginner (59.9 lbs and under)
1st Place: Brendon Goodrich (Gracie Barra LI)
2nd Place: Cole Gargano (Les Richardson)

Youth No-Gi 7-9 yrs Beginner (60 - 69.9 lbs)
1st Place: John Patterson (Jungle Gym)
2nd Place: Penelope Schneider (Jungle Gym)
3rd Place: Farrad Shabazz (Renzo Gracie WH)

Youth No-Gi 7-9 yrs Beginner (70 – 79.9 lbs)
1st Place: Joseph Goodrich (Gracie Barra LI)

Youth No-Gi 7-9 yrs Advanced (80 lbs and over)
1st Place: Savanna Marji (Jungle Gym)

Youth No-Gi 10-12 yrs Beginner (70 – 89.9 lbs)
1st Place: Drew Tischer (Aiki Academy)

Black Belt Finals: Joao Assis vs. Bill Cooper at UFC Fan Expo Las Vegas 2010

"Parents don't want a 83 lbs., 8 year old fighting a 85 lbs. 12 year old, it's just not safe and the sport must change, " commented Grapplers Quest CEO, Brian Cimins, he continued, "more tournaments have adopted GQ rules than any other organization in the world for grappling, so we're taking the lead to help create a fairer and safer competitor experience for the future of our sport, OUR KIDS!"

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