Grappling Event Sponsorship News, 9/9/2010

LAS VEGAS, NV - While the massive growth of MMA has been super-charged by the Ultimate Fighting Championship in the Zuffa era, growing just as fast, completely under the radar, has been the sport of grappling. Traditionally, MMA target demographics are 18-35 yrs., but grappling's expanded demographic is 18-54 years, but some experts say it's 25-54 years old.

Children's Overall Team Results
1st place- Jungle Gym (53 pts)
2nd place- Gracie Barra LI (49 pts)
3rd place- Calandrelli BJJ (17 pts)
4th place- Black Hole/ MFS NH (16 pts)
5th place- CT Combat (12 pts)

Teen's Overall Team Results
1st place- Calandrelli BJJ (16 pts)
2nd place- Jungle Gym (11 pts)
3rd place- Drysdale JJ/Gladiator/ Sergio Pen/ Lions Den (8 pts)

Women's Overall Team Results
1st place- Paragon (68 pts)
2nd place- Yemaso (33 pts)
3rd place- University of JJ (27 pts)
4th place- Pro B (11 pts)
5th place- Elite (9 pts)

Men's Overall Team Results
1st place- Paragon BJJ (93 pts)
2nd place- Elite (55 pts)
3rd place- Fairtex (49 pts)
4th place- Yemaso (42 pts)
5th place- BBJJ (38 pts)

In the coming months, we have UFC Fan Expo Boston (Aug. 27-28) and Mr. Olympia (Sept. 25th) in Las Vegas and some tremendous SUPERFIGHT opportunities for professional mma fighters, ADCC or BJJ World and or Multiple-Time Grapplers Quest Pro Division Champions to compete in high profile matches.