Kids Overall Team Results:
1st place-The Armory (49 pts)
2nd place-Team Nogueira (32 pts)
3rd place-South Florida Fight Club (27 pts)
4th place-Boca De La Riva (24 pts)
5th place-ATT & ATT Wellington (20 pts)

Teens Overall Team Results:
1st place-38 Points
2nd Place: MMA Garage (33 pts)
3rd place-Miami WMB (32 pts)
4th place-Team Nogueira (28 pts)
5th place- Crave Fight Team (19 pts)

Ruben Alverez wins Compete FREE for Life - Grapplers Quest Contest Winner Picked.
Alverez will NEVER need to pay to compete again at Grapplers Quest and UFC Fan Expo events

Here's an interview:

What is your belt rank?
Purple belt under Roberto ‘Cyborg’ Abreu and Mike Cardoso

How old are you?

How long have you been training?
4 years

What team(s) do you train with?

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Saulo Ribeiro is a very special person for the grappling world. He's one of the true samurai warriors of grappling, inside and out - here's a glimpse into the Legendary Mindset of the 6-Time World Champion.