VIDEO: Grapplers Quest Advanced Absolute Highlights from 2011 World Series of Grappling in Las Vegas

Grapplers Quest returns in July and November 2012, just like last year!

Asbury Park - Grapplers Quest hosted the 2011 World Championships on Saturday, December 10 at the Asbury Park Convention Hall. One athlete who stood out was TSMMA Rego Park and David Tirelli trained Tiger Schulman MMA trained competitor, Ben Bagbek.

Congrats again to Team Rafael Lovato Jr.
Highlight from Overall Team Title Championship at UFC Fan Expo Houston

Lloyd Irvin, Jr., 7-year-old son of world renown grappling mentor and business consultant, Lloyd Irvin, competed this weekend and placed 3rd in his first ever Grapplers Quest in the Youth 7-9 years old division. It was a pleasure and honor to host his No-Gi debut at Grapplers Quest on the mats at the 2011 World Championships and we look forward to seeing him back on the mats for many years to come.

Lloyd Irvin wins Overall Team Title plus Teens, Women, and Men's Overall titles while The Jungle Gym finished in 2nd place in every other division, but WINS overall Kids title. See the full results here:

Kids Overall Team Results Overall

1st place: Jungle Gym (86 pts)
2nd place: Lloyd Irvin (75 pts)
3rd place: Jiu Jitsu Nation (43 pts)
4th place: Bill Scott BJJ (35 pts)
5th place: Blackhole BJJ (26 pts)

Teens Overall Team Results

1st place: Lloyd Irvin (99 pts)
2nd place: Cornwall MMA (22 pts)
3rd place: Brunswick BJJ (19 pts)
4th place: Tri state MMA & Sherbatov MMA (17 pts)
5th place: ICAT Academy (16 pts)


Youth and Teens No-Gi

Youth No-Gi 6 Years and Under

Youth No-Gi 6 Years and Under Lightweight (49.9 lbs and under)
1st Place: Gabriel Smith (Jiu Jitsu Nation)
2nd Place: Alexander Ososio (Yamasaki Academy)
3rd Place: Connor Muehlbauer (Black Hole JJ)

Youth No-Gi 6 Years and Under Middleweight (50 – 59.9 lbs)
1st Place: Marilyn Nunez (Jungle Gym)

Youth No-Gi 6 Years and Under Cruiserweight (60 – 69.9 lbs)