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11 Submissions from 2011 U.S. National Grappling Championships
presented by Gaspari Nutrition, The official Nutritional Supplement Sponsor of Grapplers Quest

Brian Stann THE HITS THAT COUNT mini-series on YouTube.

Episode 1, Who Is Brian Stann

Episode 2, Stann’s Wrestling and Ground Game

Episode 3, Stann the Lethal Striker

Episode 4, Brian’s Strength and Conditioning

Episode 5, Stann’s Diet –Fueling The Machine

Episode 6, Stann’s Next Level Supplementation

Video: FINALS of Pro Absolute: Sean Roberts vs Sean Spangler at 2011 Grapplers Quest World Series of Grappling

Athletic Advance Team from
Costa Rica Invades Grapplers Quest Florida
Here are some of their photo highlights...

Help Families with AUTISM directly, visit: - THANK YOU COLE MILLER and best of luck in the near future with your return to MMA, we've missed you!

Miller is expected to drop to featherweight and face Steven Siler on March 3, 2012 at UFC on FX 2.

Chris Savarese was The Best Matchmaker in Grappling History. Period.

Between 2001 and 2007, Chris Savarese helped Grapplers Quest assemble some of the best talent in the grappling world to compete through guidance, sponsorship and friendship. His knowledge of grappling competition and scouting talent could be compared to to Oakland A's GM Billy Beane, he's THAT good and always has been.