2011 Grapplers Quest New England Grappling Championship - Overall Team Results
Saturday, September 17, 2011 - Reggie Lewis Center - Boston, Massachusetts

Kids Overall Team Results Overall
1st place: Team Link (61 pts)
2nd place: Team Fiona (43 pts)
3rd place: Black & Blue (25 pts)
4th place: Best Way JJ (24 pts)
5th place: Renzo Gracie (19 PTS)

Teen's Overall Team Results
1st place: Kimura BJJ (33 pts)
2nd place: Tapout (27 pts)

Official results of 2011 Grapplers Quest New England Grappling Championships hosted in Boston, Massachusetts on Saturday, September 17, 2011. Congratulations to all of the fighters, coaches and teams who participated in this tremendous event.

Link to Official results:

Kids (6 yrs & under) No Gi Beginner (49.9 lbs)
1st place: Kyle Schmitz (BAMC)
2nd place: Anthony Calise (EVIL MMA)
3rd place: Joey Iamunno ( TEAM CALLENDRELLI)

Kids (6yrs & under) No Gi Beginner (50-59.9 lbs)
1st place: Reiley Mcerlean (TEAM FIONA)
2nd place: Charles Ejanda (BLACK & BLUE MMA)
3rd place: Sean Hernandez (BLACK & BLUE MMA)

Kids (6yrs & under) No Gi Beginner (70 + lbs)
1st place: Aiden Gill (TEAM FIONA)

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Speech on Autism Awareness and Youth Leadership at
Grapplers Quest 2011 Northeast Championships by Brian Cimins

Help me raise $1000.00 for Grappling Autism which will help ONE Autistic child who cannot speak to receive ONE month of Intensive Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, proven to help recover speech in Autistic children *

BOSTON, MA - Ultimate Fighter Season12 competitor, Marc Stevens, a Relson Gracie Black Belt from Upstate New York will be donating his time to help teach an MMA seminar to the children and teen competitors at Grapplers Quest's 2011 Northeast Championships on Saturday, September 17 in Boston. The seminar will be free to all pre-registered competitors and be from 9:30AM-10:00 AM.

Renan Borges tells reporter, Lisa Sabatini that he WILL be competing at Grapplers Quest Boston on Saturday, September 17 at the Reggie Lewis Center in Boston, Massachusetts. The CBJJ Montreal Weight Class and Absolute winner sets his sights on Grapplers Quest Gold.

With 31 competitors already pre-registered for the $1,000 Absolute and nearly 700 competitors and 160 teams expected, this one is going to be a MONSTER!

My nephew, Jonathan Cimins was born on April 16, 2003 as a seemingly healthy, beautiful blue eyed baby boy. At 18 months old, soon after his booster vaccination, his speech rapidly declined, his behaviors started becoming repetitive, spinning for hours, jumping for hours, making strange noises and even seriously injuring himself without fear, we were lost. Sadly, he's never been able to say, "Daddy, I love you," but his father, Paul Cimins NEVER gave up Hope.