Kids Overall Team Results Overall
1st place: American Top Team (84 pts)
2nd place: Gracie Tampa (49 pts)
3rd place: Armory & Avengers (34 pts)
4th place: WMB Miami (24pts)
5th place: Dustin Denes (19 pts)

Teens Overall Team Results
1st place: American Top Team (137 pts)
2nd place: Alliance Miami (71 pts)
3rd place: Avengers (51 pts)
4th place: Ocala BJJ (25 pts)
5th place: Team Noguiera (22 pts)

Womens Overall Team Results

HOUSTON - Grapplers Quest is proud to announce that there will be an Official "Judo Ippon Tournament" for ALL Age Groups added to UFC Fan Expo Houston on Friday and Saturday, October 7-8 at the George R. Brown Convention Center in conjunction with the monster MMA supershow.

What is the "Judo Throwdown Tournament" at Grapplers Quest UFC Fan Expo Houston?

ALL WOMEN Compete for FREE on Sunday, Nov. 6
at Grapplers Quest's 1st event ever in Dalton, Georgia
inside the prestigious Northwest Georgia Muscle supershow
held that same very weekend in conjunction with Grapplers Quest.
$1 from every competitor registration fee donated to

Kids (6 yrs & under) No Gi Beginner (49.9 lbs)
1st place: Luis Sosa (WMB MIAMI)
2nd place: Kai Beck (RENZO GRACIE)
3rd place: Ty Elder (GRACIE TAMPA)

Kids (6yrs & under) No Gi Beginner (60-69.9 lbs)
1st place: Yasmeen Gallardo (GRACIE TAMPA)

Kids 7-9 yrs No Gi Beginner (59.9 lbs & under)
1st place: Kenny Hauck (ARMORY)
2nd place: Brandon Bigelow (RISING SUN)
3rd place: Cade Calta (GRACIE TAMPA)

Kids 7-9 yrs No Gi Beginner (60-69.9 lbs)


CORAL SPRINGS - On Saturday, August 20, Grapplers Quest is hosting the 2011 Southeast Grappling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Open Championships at Coral Springs Gymnasium located at 2501 Coral Springs Drive in Coral Springs, Florida.

For general event information, go to:

Kids Overall Team Results:
1st place-The Armory (49 pts)
2nd place-Team Nogueira (32 pts)
3rd place-South Florida Fight Club (27 pts)
4th place-Boca De La Riva (24 pts)
5th place-ATT & ATT Wellington (20 pts)

Teens Overall Team Results:
1st place-38 Points
2nd Place: MMA Garage (33 pts)
3rd place-Miami WMB (32 pts)
4th place-Team Nogueira (28 pts)
5th place- Crave Fight Team (19 pts)

Ruben Alverez wins Compete FREE for Life - Grapplers Quest Contest Winner Picked.
Alverez will NEVER need to pay to compete again at Grapplers Quest and UFC Fan Expo events

Here's an interview:

What is your belt rank?
Purple belt under Roberto ‘Cyborg’ Abreu and Mike Cardoso

How old are you?

How long have you been training?
4 years

What team(s) do you train with?