Kids Overall Team Results Overall
1st place: Randori Brasa (54 pts)
2nd place: Clay Guida MMA (52 pts)
3rd place: Pedro Sauer (32 pts)
4th place: American Top Team (31 pts)
5th place: Dayton MMA (30 pts)

Teens Overall Team Results
1st place: Vitor Oliveira BJJ (41 pts)
2nd place: Cincy BJJ (19 pts)
3rd place: Barros, Derby City MMA, Reaction MMA,& Team Vaghi (16 pts)

Kids (6 yrs & under) No Gi Beginner (49.9 lbs)
1st place: Jessie-Mo Dwyer (TOTAL KARATE)
2nd place: Aiden Alsguson (RANDORI BRASA)

Kids 7-9 yrs No Gi Beginner (60-69.9 lbs)
1st place: Austyn Treis (VAGHI)
2nd place: Carter Mottley (LANCASTER PAL)
3rd place: Gunnar Gerahart (EVOLUTION)

Kids 7-9 yrs No Gi Beginner (70-79.9 lbs)
1st place: Brennan Houser (AMERICAM TOP TEAMER)

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