FLORIDA: First Grappling Event of 2012, Saturday, January 14 in Coral Springs, Florida sponsored by TapouT. Get more event information here:

Children's Overall Team Results
1st Place- Knuckle Up (41pts)
2nd place- Impact MA (33 pts)
3rd place- Victory BJJ (22 pts)
4th place- Rush MMA (15 pts)
5th place- Gracie Barra (12 pts)

Teen's Overall Team Results
1st Place- Virtas Jiu Jitsu (27 pts)
2nd place- Knuckle Up (25 pts)
3rd place- Iron Clutch (24 pts)
4th place- Smith BJJ (22 pts)
5th place- Impact MA (21 pts)

Women's Overall Team Results
1st Place- Alliance (42 pt)
2nd place- Roberto Traven (27 pts)

Kids (6yrs & under) No Gi Beginner (50-59.9 lbs)
1st place: Ethan Lopez (ATT)

Kids 10-12 yrs No Gi Beginner (79.9 & under lbs)
1st place: Kalin Valone (KNUCKLEUP)
2nd place: Blaine Fussell (SHAWN HAMMOND IMA)
3rd place: Nick Oneal (RUSH MMA)

Kids 10-12 yrs No Gi Beginner (80-89.9 lbs)
1st place: James Humphrey (IMPACT MA)
2nd place: Andre Roche

Kids 10-12 yrs No Gi Beginner (90-99.9 lbs)
1st place: Emerson Christian (IMPACT MA)
2nd place: Maleek Roberts (IMPACT MA)

Chris Savarese, my friend and Gracie Jiu Jitsu Black Belt and owner of Savarese BJJ in Lyndhurst, NJ ( posted this on Facebook and I wanted to share it with you:

Antonio Tenorio is a blind judo athlete. Filmed in Brazil, France and at the 2008 Paralympic Summer Games in Beijing , B1 is an international journey through the perspective of a blind judoka, one of the few in the world to compete both in Paralympic and able-bodied championships.

Upcoming events include:

Grapplers Quest at Northwest Georgia Muscle
Sunday, November 6, 10:00 AM
North West Georgia Trade & Convention Center.
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UFC Fan Expo Houston 2011 Overall Team Championships

Kids Overall Team Results Overall
1st place: Alverez BJJ (79 pts)
2nd place: Revolution (60 pts)
3rd place: Gracie Barra (30 pts)
4th place: Gladiator Academy, Team Tooke & Paragon (23 pts)
5th place: Bushi Ban, Nova Unaio & Solis MMA (16 pts)

Teens Overall Team Results
1st place: Team Tooke (35 pts)
2nd place: Paragon (33 pts)
3rd place: Evolve BJJ (31 pts)

LAS VEGAS - The 2011 World Series of Grappling Presented by Grapplers Quest and offering $15,000 in cash and prizes rolls into Las Vegas on Saturday, November 19, 2011 at the Sports Center, 121 East Sunset, just South of Mandalay Bay off the Las Vegas Boulevard.