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2012 Grapplers Quest
World Series of Grappling
Saturday, November 17, 2012
Sports Center in Las Vegas, Nevada

*Kids No Gi Beginner 6yrs (49.9 lbs)
1st place: Coby Merrill (MILLENIA)
2nd place: Traic Fainter (SBGI MONTANCY)
3rd place: Langston Goodwin (DRYSDALE)

*Kids No Gi Beginner 6yrs (50-59.9 lbs)
1st place: Brian Horner (CARLSON GRACIE LV)

*Kids No Gi Beginner 7-9yrs (59.9 lbs)

Classic Grapplers Quest match from 16-Man Pro Tournament hosted in October 2005 in Bayonne, New Jersey. Here was a semi-final war...Eliot Marshal (UFC Veteran) vs. Alexandre "Xande" Ribeiro (ADCC World Champion)