That was it!!! When Gary Vaynerchuk released the G-Rated channel, he shined bright and my son and daughter and I rejoiced, I needed to tell people about my close AI-level mentorship from afar for the last 10-years of this man, I learned a TON from #GaryVee

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1. Garry Tonon vs. Wilson Reis
2. Jeff Glover vs. Wilson Reis
3. Gordon Ryan vs. Sean Spangler
4. Joe "Daddy" Stevenson vs. Bill "The Grill" Cooper

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JEFF GLOVER and MIKE FOWLER Highlights from Classic Purple Belt Jiu Jitsu Matches at Grapplers Quest

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Grapplers Quest PRO Grappling - Gordon Ryan vs. Dan Martinez - No Gi Sub Only Championship FINALS

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Tribute, David Jacobs Highlight, David "Rock" Jacobs, Highlight, Grapplers Quest, tears in heaven remix

Rest In Peace...Dave “The Rock” Jacobs was one the kindest, hardest working and most talented competitors, referees and coaches I’ve ever met in Grappling. He will be greatly missed. He competed in more East Coast tournaments before 2008 than anyone


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