A Message from my friend, mentor and business coach since the early days, BRUCE BUFFER

Hello All:

I am proud to announce the Random House release of my biography and memoirs titled "IT'S TIME", which has received fantastic reviews and sales internationally... Whether one is a fan of the UFC or not, this book has so much more as it is a tribute to "business success, family, life, love, passion and the pursuit of happiness".

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October 19th (Saturday)
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November 16th (Saturday)
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NEW VIDEO - Matt Bagshaw vs Paulo Silva at

SATURDAY NIGHT - Come see a mini-documentary on Grapplers Quest by Randi Lötschberg Lotsberg and several other great SHORT FILMS on Fighting at the NEAR ENEMY Film Festival, THIS SATURDAY, September 7th at 7:30 PM at George St. Playhouse in NEW BRUNSWICK, NEW JERSEY.

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VIDEO - No Time Limit Submission ONLY Match
Bellator Fighter, Wilson Reis vs Kevin Reed at Grapplers Quest US Nationals 2013

No Time Limit Submission ONLY -
Rodrigo Ranieri vs Zach Maslany
at Grapplers Quest US Nationals 2013

New Jersey Martial Arts Hall of Fame

List of Second Class Inductees Released

For Immediate Release

SECAUCUS -The New Jersey Martial Arts Hall of Fame is extremely proud to announce the second class of inductees to the New Jersey Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

To see all of the inductees biographies and pictures, please visit our website