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Official Team Results of
2012 Grapplers Quest
World Championships
Saturday, December 8, 2012
Asbury Park, New Jersey

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Submission Video -
Jamie Cruz of Renzo Gracie
Mark Hughes (UFC Veteran)
Grapplers Quest Rear Naked Choke

Former UFC Champ
Matt Hughes vs. Val Ignatov at
Grapplers Quest -

Wrestling vs. BJJ

MMA vs. Sambo

Best of Matt Hughes Fighting at Grapplers Quest 2002 Las Vegas - UFC Champ Wrestling vs. BJJ

TapouT Submission - UFC Fighter Brandon Vera vs. Tom Evans at 2005 Grapplers Quest Las Vegas

Submission -
Igor Gracie (Renzo Gracie)
Tim Sylvestor (Maxercise)
at 2005 Grapplers Quest No Gi Submission Grappling Jiu jItsu

Video - Technical Match - Renzo Gracie Black Belt,
Jamie Cruz vs. Sean Spangler at
2005 Grapplers Quest USA
No-Gi Pro Tournament