Grapplers Quest Founder, Brian Cimins Launches "Coaching for Autism", a 100% Charity Based Life Coaching Program to Benefit, a 501c3

I CAN DO IT FOR YOU TOO!" - Brian Cimins

"Brian Cimins helped double sales with high level strategies in experiential marketing and event sponsorship optimization" - Super Body Care Founder and CEO, Cheri Heberling

Brian John Cimins, founder of Grapplers Quest, the premier brand in Mixed Martial Arts' Grappling and nearly a dozen world class brands and products over the past decade has launched the business building and life coaching and life healing offering, Your Strategy Coach (, the ultimate marketing think tank and experiential event experts who can help envision the future of your industry and help you become a leader plus started training under world renown coaching expert, Anthony Robbins (Unlimited Power, Awaken The Giant Within) and relationship expert, Cloe Madannes.

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"Grapplers Quest is Best in the Grappling Business"
- Dana White, President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)

"Cimins is a Marketing Visionary and Pioneer"
- Donald Trump's Apprentice Season 2 Winner, Kelly Perdew

"Any brand looking to explode in MMA needs to partner with Grapplers Quest"
- TapouT Co-Founder, Dan "Punkass" Caldwell

Building World Class brands since 1999, Brian Cimins, aka "The Marketing Visionary" has been an industry leading and creating force focusing on brand development, high impact marketing, rain making sales, as well as ground breaking event sponsorship. Marketing Visionary Associates will use the effective entrepreneurial marketing principals that's generated millions of dollars for our clients. Let us help your brand EMERGE as a profitable Industry leader.

Clients and Brands that have worked with Marketing Visionary Associates' CEO, Brian Cimins:

You cannot lead your industry without VISION - let us read your marketing crystal ball and help develop YOUR bright and prosperous future, create or take your brand next level and provide you with the Return On Investment (ROI) that your company's marketing budget deserves, once and for all.


Autism is my cause because 1 in 51 children are diagnosed including my amazing nephew, Jonathan and son, Logan. We are closer than ever to finding new, more effective treatments for Autism and hopefully a cure. However, many families desperately need our support for resources, treatment and emotional help.

At, they aim to provide support for patients with Autism and their loved ones every step of the way. But we cannot do it alone. Your generous contributions to and Hope Saves the Day help make this dream a reality. From "The Spectrum Diet" by Paul Cimins, a Gluten Free and Cassein Free Diet and Cookbook, to the "iPads for Autism" and nationwide support of "Project Lifesaver", has made a difference. We need YOUR help - and I'm willing to give you my BEST FIVE hours to YOUR BUSINESS if you can help this charity. I'm donating my time to you, because you'll be supporting something I strongly believe in. You will have every ounce of creativity and expertise that comprises my heart and soul.

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Please make a donation of $1,000 to, a 501c(3) charitable organization here: - Note: Your donation is fully tax deductible and is $50 off per hour of my regular business coaching hourly rate. Remember, I'm not receiving $1 from your $1,000 donation to, but it will get ME 100% focused on you, your business and improving your life for 5 full hours.

Please forward your AutismRadio donation receipt from PayPal along with which day (available on Mondays, Tuesdays or Thursdays) you'd like to schedule your intensive marketing consultation to: [email protected] or Call 888-GRAPPLE to book with Jenn directly.

Let us take your company to the next level and provide you with the Return On Investment (ROI) that your company's marketing budget deserves to generate.


I want to hire your firm without giving a donation
Answer: I receive many inquiries for business owners to to become clients, but only have so much time to dedicate to customers on a annual basis. Basically, we only choose only 2-3 clients per year to work with. As a company with a heart, we hope that you are willing to donate $1,000 for AUTISM plus get your 5-intensive hours with a proven rain maker and marketing visionary, Brian Cimins. Support a great cause and help explode your business, improve your life, heal your life and help pave the road to revenues - I guarantee it!