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We're looking for people who love grappling and want to help the sport grow through your own active blogs. These blogs will be featured on the MAIN page starting next week.

You can start your OWN blog free on our site, so all I ask is that you upload a picture of yourself and REPLY to this thread. Please understand that any abuse of the blogging feature will immediately freeze your account.

I will approve BLOGS tonight at 9:00 PM EST to everyone who posts here...

After 9:00 PM, go to: http://www.grapplersquest.com/node/add/blog

We'll be featuring HOT BLOGS on the front page here: http://www.GrapplersQuest.com - with 2,800 unique visitors daily, it'll get a LOT of eyeballs.

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My Blog's working!

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Brian and GQ, thanks for the opportunity for us to interact with our hardcore grappling fans!

Check out my new blog at: http://www.grapplersquest.com/blogs/joestevenson

- Joe Daddy

Back again

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For some reason it seems like my old account is not there anymore. Hopefully just some sort of glitch. Looking forward to chronicling my adventures in grappling and progress of my movie.


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thanks for the message. try to source the youtube videos directly on your gq blog and that's cool with us

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Blog me!?

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Hi Brian - tried to email you following your pm on youtube but keeps bouncing back?!?

Anyhow - just signed up here, love the site ;-)
Put my first blog post up, will try to add new one regular - shouldnt be a problem as half my life is spent behind the computer these days...

Just incase your interested, Im working with Braulio Estima this week, a bunch of models taking their first MMA lesson on the weekend, Roger Gracie the next week, Kyra Gracie in the next few and a whole bunch of others inbetween and elswhere!... Busy job...

Most of this is creating instructional films with these guys, but I also get to train with them, hang out with them and so on so could make some interesting blog posts!
Will try to maintain them on here and make em interesting!

Any guidelines on whats considered 'abuse'? Is putting links to vids with them on another site against the grain?
Could always set me up a vid section on GQ and include them in your site!... ;-)

Anyhow, let me know.

Thanks - Tim

How to promote your blog?

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Tip #1: Sign up for ALL social networks, especially http://facebook.com - http://Twitter.com - and http://MySpace.com (and add Grapplers Quest as your friend, LOL ;-) and find all of your training partners, family members and former schoolmates. Send a link out to everyone, every time you post something. It will build your following, subscribers, friends, fans, etc.

If you are already on the social networks, good for you. I will have some great tips for you guys to help promote your blogs, get sponsors, earn free competitor registration fees, travel expenses and much more. Be sure to post your blog on your favorite social networking sites and don't forget to become a Fan of GQ on Facebook at: http://GQFans.com

awesome blogs guys - if you

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awesome blogs guys - if you haven't already written your first blog, go to: http://www.grapplersquest.com/node/add/blog
Most current and active blogs will be featured on FRONT PAGE generating 3,200 unique visitors daily!!!

Im going work on my first

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Im going work on my first Blog ever, great idea

Great opportunity!

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As an entertainer, filmmaker, and (oh year) grappler, who am I to miss an opportunity for some free publicity?

I already registered (user name Captain Zorikh) and posted my first blog!

Im down sir.. Ill be doing

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Im down sir..
Ill be doing mine nightly


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Jason Santiago: 2010 Grappling Blog

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I am looking forward to the new year and many competitions. There is an upcoming event this January, I am working hard to make sure my weight comes in at 189lbs.

I plan to update this with all my training, to keep me on track and keep me honest ;-)

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