FREE DVD winners

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As promsed, every 5th member is getting a free dvd, here's the winners:

John Ryan

Joy Star




Maria Torres


Than Murphy


DVDs will be shipped on January 31st via media mail

I want a free dvd :)

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250 points huh? I think I'm like half way there haha, is the offer still gonna be going by the time I reach 250, which I will make very soon!

like it ;-)'s picture

like it ;-)

250 Points

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Just so everyone's on the same page - an ACTIVE user is 250 Points or more ;-). We're trying to build an active and healthy community for the sport of grappling. We're crowning a REAL Team USA in 2010 and take them for an European Tour. Those champions will be blogging here too talking about their travels, training and life with our fans. Let's be here for them when they are crowned and show the world how BIG grappling actually is...

Can I get one? ;-)

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Can I get one? ;-)

In the next week or so,

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In the next week or so, you'll be able to update your account with your mailing address. When it goes live, all you'll have to do is update your profile and it will ship on February 1st, 2010.

Any way you could do a "best

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Any way you could do a "best of" set of dvds? For example, Best of Paragon or Best of LIghtweights etc.

cool free we pm you

Puppettamer's picture

cool free we pm you our address?

not sure...

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Hey everyone, the new site looks great !!!! but I'm not sure how to get the free dvd... I already made a blog but didn't really get the forum part.

But anyways, thanks.


I have never had a blog but

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I have never had a blog but might just make one here lol


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hello all new here anyone from pittsburgh pa

I won!

Than Murphy's picture

Sweet, one more reason GQ is the best tournament organization out there!

Grapplers Quest is the Best

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What else needs to be said?

maybe next time

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i;ll win

Free DVD?

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Is this for 2009 World Series of Grappling DVD?


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We'll be giving away random archived DVDs (chosen from 22 discontinued titles) - we'll be producing a Best of 2009-2010 in the next 2-3 months. Stay tuned and thanks for the support. Brian

People need a VOICE!

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People need a VOICE and I want them to be heard. Get a new sponsor? GREAT, make the announcement and promote it on your blog.

I'm actually excited about

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I'm actually excited about the blogs... I don't know why to be honest

I signed up before you made

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I signed up before you made this post
Killin me Brian...


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Relax man, we got you covered ;-) - I updated your account to blog

My type of contests...

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This is why I've been so excited about having a positive community for the sport. I'm going to give everyone who responded to THIS post already a FREE DVD and the next 50 registered users. That's how I roll...LOL

Free DVD

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Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner! Pick me lol :)

Did I win?

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Am I a winner?

did i ?

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winner ?

Did i?

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I win ?

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