Children's Overall Team Results
1st place- Gracie Tampa (71 pts)
2nd place- Gracie Barra (67 pts)
3rd place- ATT (25 pts)
4th place- ATT Davie (25 pts)
5th place- Extreme Swat (21 pts)

Teen's Overall Team Results
1st place- ATT Wellington (43 pts)
2nd place- Gracie Barra (23 pts)
3rd place- Gracie Tampa (17 pts)
4th place- ATT (16 pts)
5th place- ATT Davie (12 pts)

Woman's Overall Team Results

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2010 U.S. National Grappling Championships
Saturday, June 12th, 2010
Morristown, New Jersey


Children's Beginner No-Gi Weight: 49.9 lbs
1st Place: Aviles AJ (IND)
2nd Place: Mia Broadway (LLOYD IRVIN)
3rd Place: Justin Disapio (IND)

Children's Beginner No-Gi Weight: 50-59.9 lbs
1st Place: Kenny Santucci (MBJJ MRKULIC)
2nd Place: Anthony Fernandes (MBJJ MRKULIC)

The 5th Beast of the East, on Saturday, March 20th at Caldwell College in Caldwell, New Jersey had more competitors than any other East Coast Grappling Tournament we've ever hosted, it actually had more competitors any other event in the world, it was HUGE!

Children's Beginner No-Gi: Bantam (49.9 lbs. & below):

1. Adam Arenas (AKA)

2. Lance Muela (Lion's Den AZ)

3. Isaac Agaban (Cobra Kai)

Children's Beginner No-Gi: Flyweight (50-59.9 lbs.):

1. Julio Arenas (AKA)

2. Conall Powers (Dog Pound)

3. Austin Newton (Dog Pound)

Children's Beginner No-Gi: Feather (60-69.9 lbs.):

1. Annabella Estevez (Fusion UT)

2. Anthony Landin (Central Valley)

3. Zachary Means (MMA Lab)

Children's Beginner No-Gi: Light (70-79.9 lbs.):

1. Sage Vito (You Shock)

2. Brandon Cardona (Stockton)


For the 1st time in the history of grappling, Grapplers Quest joined forces with the UFC Fan Expo weekend and showcased the sport to 30,000+ fans!