Team Results - 2012 Grapplers Quest World Series of Grappling - November 17th, 2012 - Las Vegas, Nevada

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2012 Grapplers Quest
World Series of Grappling
Saturday, November 17, 2012
Sports Center in Las Vegas, Nevada

Kids Overall Team Results Overall
1st place: Carlson Gracie (127 pts)
2nd place: Drysdales (86 pts)
3rd place: Cobra Kai (44 pts)
4th place: Millenia (28 pts)
5th place: Dog Pound (23 pts)

Teens Overall Team Results
1st place: Gracie Humaita (69 PTS)
2nd place: Carlson Gracie & Drysdale (TIE - 26 PTS)
3rd place: M3 Fight Fitness (24 pts)
4th place: Red Griffen (15 pts)
5th place: Gracie Barra, Sergio Penha, Stockton, Underground (8pts)

Womens Overall Team Results
1st place: Team Stocton (19 pts)
2nd place: Girls Gym (17 pts)
3rd place: FPS East & Gracie Barra (TIE - 16 pts)
4th place: Paixao, Gracie Humaita & Westside (TIE - 11 pts)
5th place: Fight Ready (9 pts)

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Mens Overall Team Results
1st place: Drysdales (133 pts)
2nd place: Gracie Barra (58 pts)
3rd place: Carlson Gracie (54 pts)
4th place: Xtreme Couture (46 pts)
5th place: Checkmat (40 pts)

Overall Combined Team Results
1st place: Drysdale (253 pts)
2nd place: Carlson Gracie (207 pts)
3rd place: Gracie Humaita (113 pts)
4th place: Cobra Kai (79 pts)
5th place: Gracie Barra (74 pts)
6th place: Xtremem Couture (54 pts)
7th place: Millenia & Throwdown (44 pts)
8th place: Checkmat (40 pts)
9th place: Fight Capital & Paragon BJJ (39 pts)
10th place: Roger Machado (35 pts)

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