OFFICIAL RESULTS: 32-Man World's Best Grappler - Grapplers Quest Tachi Palace - Lemoore, CA - July 10-11, 2010

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Joao Assis of Team Chekmat captured the UFC Fan Expo Advanced Absolute $1,000 prize on May 28th, 2010 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada submitting Jeff "The Snowman" Monson but also earned his spot in the 32-Man Tournament at Tachi Palace Casino (July 10-11th, 2010) in Lemoore, California. The UFC Fan Expo would prove to be a tremendous turning point in Assis' career, just as Xande's major turning point in his career, ironically, was defeating Jeff Monson in the finals of the first superfight absolute at Grapplers Quest 2002 U.S. Nationals. Back then, Xande was a last minute replacement for his brother, Saulo Ribeiro and it was his first major no-gi submission grappling championship. The rest was grappling history...could Assis repeat Xande's success?

In the 32-Man "World's Best Tournament", Assis was seeded #2 behind ADCC World Champion, Alexandre "Xande" Ribeiro on the opposite side of the stacked bracket. Assis went on to defeat Bruno Bastos in the Semi-Finals, Xande defeated Rustam Chsiev (K-Dojo) and the ultimate grappling showdown was set for the world stage, #1 seed and CBJJ and Abu Dhabi World and 2-Time Grapplers Quest Pro Champion, Alexandre "Xande" Ribeiro versus 3-Time Grapplers Quest Pro Champion, Joao Assis. In an epic final bout that crowned "World's Best Grappler 2010", JOAO ASSIS in one of the most exciting battles in grappling's history, became, undeniably, The World's Best Grappling.

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Round One

Alexandre Ribeiro vs. Amir Allam: Xande wins on points. (9-0).

Leopoldo Serao vs. Kelly Amundson: Serao via rear-naked choke.

Jason Manly vs Gabe Gutierez: Manly wins by heel hook.

Steven Martinez vs. Chris Moriarty: Chris Moriary wins(points?)

Rustam Chsiev vs. Luke Rockhold: Chsiev wins on points(2-0)

Marcelo Mafra vs. Christian Arellano: Arellano wins on points.

John Toth vs. Brandon Olsen: John Toth wins on points(4-0).

Daniel Almeida vs. Moses Baca: Daniel Almeida wins on advantages.

Bill Cooper vs. Paul Stark: Paul Stark wins by heel hook.

Bruno Bastos vs. Nick Caggia: Bastos wins on points.

Jarrod Bunch vs. Marcel Fortuna: Fortuna wins on points

Enrico Cocco vs. Robert Breslan: Cocco by armbar.

Joao Assis vs. Nader Magrihiy: Assis wins by Toehold.

Brian Mclaughlin vs. Peter iacavazzi: Mclaughlin wins by armbar.

James Popoulo vs. Shawn Denny: Popoulo wins via armbar/triangle.

Sean Spangler vs. Benji Silva: Spangler wins by darce.

Round Two

Alexandre Ribeiro vs. Leopoldo Serao: Ribeiro wins by points(4-2)

Jason Manly vs. Chris Moriarty: Moriary wins on points.

Rustam Chsiev vs. Christian Arellano: Chsiev wins on points(6-2).

Daniel Almeida vs. John Toth: John Toth wins on points(10-2).

Bruno Bastos vs. John Stark: Bastos wins on points(10-0).

Enrico Cocco vs. Marcel Fortuna: Cocco wins by heelhook.

Joao Assis vs. James Popoulo: Assis wins by heelhook.

Brian Mclaughlin vs. Sean Spangler: Mclaughlin wins by advantages(3-2).

Quarter Finals

Alexandre Ribeiro vs. Chris Moriarty: Ribeiro wins by choke.

Rustam Chsiev vs. Daniel Almedia: Chsiev wins by advantage(3-2).

Enrico Cocco vs. Bruno Bastos: Bastos wins by advantages(2-0).

Joao Assis vs. Brian Mclaughlin: Assis wins by choke.


Alexandre Ribeiro vs. Rustam Chsiev: Ribeiro wins by triangle choke.

Bruno Bastos vs Joao Assis: Assis wins by advantage (1-0).

Third Place

Bruno Bastos vs. Rustam Chsiev: Chsiev wins by referee decision.


Alexandre Ribeiro vs. Joao Assis: Assis wins by points(4-2)


The big name of the event was João Assis. The beast from CheckMat overcame the highly decorated Xande Ribeiro, a two-time absolute world champion in Jiu-Jitsu, in the final. To get past the stalwart, Assis first landed a takedown and followed up with a sweep to win by 4 to 2.

Prior to the final the fighter made it past opponents of the caliber of Bruno Bastos, who he beat by a single advantage point in the semifinals, and tapped out his other three opponents. Xande eliminated the likes of Leopoldo Serão.

Assis gets to cash in a check like this one

Although de dropped out in the semifinal when Xande Ribeiro caught him in a triangle choke for the finish, Rustam Chsiev returned to the mat to take third place over Bruno Bastos. The match went to extra time and, after ending in a draw, the judges rewarded Chsiev the win.

The event also featured a supermatch won by Ulysses Gomez.