Super Body Care proves the Cleansing Wipes are antimicrobial against MRSA (staph) and e.Coli!

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One of our more common testimonials is our repeat customers tell us "I was the only guy in the gym that didn't get staph!" It was nice to tell new customers this story, buuuut, where's the facts!?

The timing couldn't be better to confirm the validity of testimonials just like that!!! Recently, we hired an independent lab in Texas to test the antimicrobial effectiveness on MRSA (staph) and e. Coli. The results were successful!

Here's the test results for you to view for yourself,
View or Download, Click Here

Additionally, we're using the POWER of nature, to fight bacteria and fungi! What makes Super Body Care products effective? Peppermint, Rosemary, Tea Tree, and Lavender. Why? Over hundreds of years, these plant oils have been documented to demonstrate effective properties to fight bacteria, fungi, and viruses. And, it smells great, tingles because of peppermint, and leaves you feeling clean. Our products are not an alternative to commercial and harsh antibacterials like triclosan and other ingredients you can't pronounce; our products are THE solution - what mother nature intended for our human body!!

What do people like about us? Facts. Awareness. Products that prevent.

30% of the population carries colonies of staph in their nose or other nooks and crannies.

1% of the population carries colonies of MRSA in their nose or other nooks and crannies.

Staph multiplies at the rate of every half hour, therefore, it's imperative to cleanse after skin to skin contact or using equipment.

Athlete's Foot is the same fungus as Jock Itch. ;)

Please check out our new Super Body Care website. It's been redesigned to provide jam packed info and monthly specials. This month you have until January 31st to get 23% off, 8 oz Shower Gel for $9.99.

With every purchase made online at, we will include samples of our other products.

Until next time, CHERI ;-)


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