“I have a friend that used special soap for after training and when he stopped using it, he got a staph infection.”

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I hear this a lot. My response is, “It’s probably because you’re using products made with chemicals to disinfect your skin.”

What does that mean?
“Products made with chemicals” means products with ingredients like triclosan or other “Active Ingredients” with names that are hard to pronounce. These ingredients have been created in a lab.

Why would I say that products made with chemicals were the cause?
When cleansing products made with chemicals are used frequently, it throws the PH level off, and also kills your little skin army. Here’s why….
Our skin is rather amazing, for 2 major reasons:
• It has a PH level of 4.0-4.4. That is acidic. Bacteria likes acidic state. If it’s not acidic, bacteria falls off the skin. For reason of the next bullet, acidic is GOOD.
• At any given time, we have 10 to the 12th power (10x10x10x10… …) of FRIENDLY bacteria on our skin.
It might as well be another ecosystem living on YOU. Call it a skin army. When you nuke it with chemicals..you annihilate a population of friendly bacteria that help PROTECT YOU. You just nuked your army.

Plant oils like those in Super Body Care products are Peppermint, Tea Tree, Rosemary, Lavender.
Plant oil properties have been documented for centuries to fight fungi, viruses, bacteria, parasites, indigestion, and soooo much more! Plants are here to HELP us.

We share a very fundamental relationship with plants. What we exhale (CO2) is what plants inhale. What plants exhale (Oxygen), is what humans and other animals inhale. We sustain each other's lives. Why wouldn't plants also offer healing qualities too?

I hope this stretched your brain. ☺
Cheri, proud owner, Super Body Care
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