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My Hero

Most people reading this blog are lucky enough to know someone that inspires them or someone that they strive to emulate. Whether its in the lifestyle we live or the way we carry ourselves through day-to-day life, we mimic what we admire. Some people have heros that are Athletes, celebrities, parents, or even grandparents, but one of my heroes is all of those in one. His name is Allen Spindel, he was born October 6, 1953, which by my calculations, makes him around 57 yrs B.C. but I would love to see any of you tell him that!

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Ringworm, a negative side affect of Grappling

Ever since I started Grappling I have been hearing about ringworm being a nuisance to anyone and everyone in the grappling community. Its a very contagious fungal infection that affects everyone from humans, to animals and most importantly combat athletes. The reason why I put combat athletes and humans in 2 different categories is because the strain that affects combat athletes is a little different. That strain is called "Tinea Gladiatorum".

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