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I'm really excited about the new site!! It's great and so is the new radio show, if you haven't subscribed to it on itunes yet, you should!

Grapplers Quest is an excellent promotion and every knows that, but I would like to spread the word about Rocky Mountain Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation because they're stepping up and putting on quality events to help you get more tournament experience. They do alot of tournaments in the Denver area and are beginning to branch out to other states besides Colorado as well. I like to do a RMBJJF tournament as a tune up, before I go to a bigger tourney, such as Grapplers Quest to find out where I need improvement and this has been working out great for me. If you're in Colorado or any of the surrounding states (I drive there all the way from Montana) be sure to check out RMBJJF... Add Janet Zingano on facebook for the latest news on them or visit their website-

So that being said, I would love to see Grapplers Quest put on a tournament in Denver!! RMBJJF and Fight To Win Promotions have great turnouts in their Denver tournaments and NAGA is having it's 1st (that I know of) tournament there in March!!




Thanks for the kind words

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Ramsey, thanks so much for the kind words. Janet and the whole RMBJJ team are great people and representations of how the sport should be. We'd love to come out to Denver...what month would make the most sense, weather-wise and not conflicting with other events?

Oh jeeze.. that's hard for me

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Oh jeeze.. that's hard for me to say. You'd have to check RMBJJF's and Fight to Win's schedules because they're putting on the majority of tournaments there. Weather wise, I think any time of the year will work. I'm driving down to Denver next weekend for a Fight to Win tourney and I believe the roads will be fine. That'd be so great to have Grapplers Quest there!! I'm already excited for it haha.

I was so wrong about the weather!!

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I didn't expect a giant snow storm to roll in the day we were supposed to drive down to Denver to compete.. so we didn't get to go :(

Haha I guess maybe winter is not the best time for Grapplers Quest to come to Denver, if you're planning on making that happen.