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Attended Fabricio Werdum Seminar..

I went to a Fabricio Werdum seminar last Saturday, for those who do not know he is a 2x Mundial champ at Blackbelt, and 2x Abu Dhabi champ. It was held at a local MMA gym here in town, and knowing this I expected him to teach mostly nogi and mma techniques (but I hoped to learn some BJJ moves)... and I was right. I didn't learn much as far as Jiu-Jitsu goes, which I hoped I would have. He never put on the gi, but did show one guard pass using gi, which I liked and started using alot lately.

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My first blog..

I'm really excited about the new site!! It's great and so is the new radio show, if you haven't subscribed to it on itunes yet, you should!

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