Dragon Spirit Martial Arts Says Make An Investment In Yourself

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Dragon Spirit Martial Arts Says Make An Investment In Yourself by Peter Tuccino, Chief Instructor of Dragon Spirit Mixed Martial Arts (DSMMA) located at 718 Ridge Road in Lyndhurst, NJ 07071.

I do my best to give judicious advice to many of my students and friends and personal coaching clients. Often times, many of them will note that I have been quite successful on many fronts, one of them being investing. Therefore I frequently get asked what the best investment is. My answer is simple but not simplistic - invest in yourself. The greatest investment you can make is in YourName, Inc. For example, I put most of my money, time, and other resources investing in Peter Tuccino, Inc. We get the greatest return on the time we invest in gaining knowledge and skills, and in contributing to our health and wellness by eating correctly and working out. Ultimately our happiness will be determined not by what we have, but by who we are. It's simple, but requires great discipline.

The greatest resource we all have is time. Time does not and cannot discriminate in any way. We all have the same 24 hours in a day, 60 minutes in an hour, and 60 seconds in a minute. What we choose to do with that time is what makes the difference in outcome. I made a commitment years ago to a lifetime of learning and it has served me very well. Many people stagnate in their job or profession because they lack a goal with a clear vision of how to get there. They aspire to do or be more, but are unwilling to take the time to acquire new skills or knowledge. They look for excuses and then complain that they are unhappy. When time is utilized correctly, anyone can achieve anything that they want. The key is to start, be consistent, be disciplined, and never give up. Learning should be like eating; something we do every day for a lifetime.

A lack of time should never be an excuse. To give a complete explanation of the use of one's time is beyond the realm of this article. However, many of my clients who tell me they don't have the time spend on average 10-15 per week watching TV. They also spend 3-8 hours per week in their car and countless hours surfing (not working on) the internet. It's obvious that any portion or all of this time could go to attending classes, reading, listening to audio cds (especially in the car), working out, or something else much more productive. A lack of money is not a viable excuse either. There are wonderful institutions called Libraries that are FREE. Less than 3% of Americans have a library card, yet nearly 100% have a television. You do the math. The other most cited excuse is lack of energy. There is a simple cure for this one also - eat the right foods and exercise every day. You don't have to set aside hours for a gym. Thirty minutes of exercise is better than twenty. Twenty minutes is better than ten. Ten minutes of exercise is far better than no minutes. Go for a ten minute walk. Go up and down the stairs in your house several times. Walk around your block. There are so many ways to fit in a couple of minutes here or there for exercise. Without getting into the science or the psychology of it, when you exercise you have more energy, not less. Perhaps the greatest return on your investment is the time you spend exercising. The benefits are way too many to list here, but suffice it to say, exercise will return tenfold the time you spend doing it.

Starting today, make the best investment you can ever make. Decide to spend some time every day increasing your knowledge. Set a clear goal of where you want to go, and then take action. Work out every day and don't waste time on things that will have a zero return. In life we do get a do-over, make the most of it.


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