Starting Biomedical Interventions Recovering our children, one step at a time !

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Step 1, block the casein and gluten peptides
Start GFCF diet.
o Refer to GFCF in 10 Easy Weeks.
o Visit
o Use your support group to help you through. A Great source of Enzymes (AFP PEPTIZYDE™) 1 (866) 757-8627 Use along side of the diet to help block the peptides and help heal the gut.

Step 2, Start Reading some books and information

Step 3, contact a good DAN (Defeat Autism Now) doctor. It may take a while to get an appointment, so make it right away to get in.

Step 4: Supplementation and early detoxification help the body start to get rid of the bad stuff and gain back essential vitamins and minerals. Add supplements one at a time, one to two weeks apart, to see the positive or negative effects of each. Kirkman Laboratories ( or 1-800-245-8282) has great high quality supplements that are gfcf legal. Some supplements you can get at your local health food store.
Calcium/magnesium (kirkman)
Vit. C with Bioflavonoids (Solar Ray, local HFS)
DMG with folic acid or TMG with folic acid. (Kirkman)
Super Nu-Thera, multi-Vitamin with high B-6 (Kirkman)
Cod Liver Oil (Kirkman)
Probiotics (make sure they are gfcf). There are many to choose from, here are a few.
o Pro-bio Gold (kirkman)
o Culturelle
o Primal Defense
o Klaire’s Therabiotics
o Threelac
Early Chelation (see handout), NDF-plus
Lipoceutical Glutathione (Wellness pharmacy 1- 800-227-2627)
Epson Salt Baths (local drug store)

Step 5: Visit with your DAN doctor. Your DAN will probably want to do some initial testing and change your supplementation. Other things you cannot do without your DAN. Here are tests and other supplements that your DAN may add.
Tests that may happen
o OAT, organic acids test (tests for yeast and bacteria)
o Hair Elements (tests of metals in hair)
o IgG Food Panel (test for food sensitivities)
o GFCF peptide test
o Measles, tetanus and other titers
o Blood Hematology and Chemistry
Additional supplements/treatments that might be added
o Methel B-12 injections
o Nystatin (to fight yeast)
o Biocidin (for bacteria)
o Extra minerals such as Zinc, Selenium
o Chelation (such as TD-DMPS or DMSA)

Step 6: Prayer, Patience, Perseverance and Determination (and a bit of stubbornness)
Much of the success of your child’s treatments depends on you. There will be many ups and downs in your child’s progress. Many times there will be periods of regression which may be necessary for progress to begin. Doctors, autism specialists, friends, family and even strangers will look at you like you are either crazy or cruel.
Money, time and convenience will be sacrificed in your step down the biomedical path. The right path isn’t always the easiest. It is a slow process, and we are here to help you through, one step at a time. With prayer, patience, perseverance and determination, the biomedical path will hopefully lead to the recovery of your child.

I hope you find this Helpful Godbless and Remember to Tune in Monday at 8pm To Hope Saves The Day on


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