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1.25.10: Strength

I worked on "pull" strength tonight, felt pretty good!

Low Row (T Bar): 45x10, 2 sets, 90x7, 1 set, 135x7, 2 sets: I should take this weight up. I am still a little nervous about my back after a few weeks ago. It has felt ok with the injury but still it has really aggravated my old back injury. When I did Leg Press last week, that even was bothersome. I'm continuing to stretch and go slow, don't want any more setbacks!

Shoulder Raises: 30x7, 40x7, 35x7: Nothing much to say here, but helping to add strength to resist shoulder locks! Also stretching ;-)

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This Week so far 1.18.10

1.18.10: Crappy effort right off the bat...tired and no real drive. I only got through half of my workout... Better work next day...

1.19.10: Better... did intervals on the treadmill, up to 4.0mph walk/10.0mph run on a 3.0 incline. I use the incline more than I would if I jogged the whole time, but jogging for that long causes more pain then its worth. So instead I use more incline to take up some slack. The run is harder of course but this is a good tradeoff between +cardio and joint pain...

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Late Update.... Lots of stuff in this one sorry!

Ok, did light workouts to make sure my back was good (good now :-) ) stuff like pullups and pushups, cardio.

I've nailed down my weekly workout plan, tell me what you think! This is not in order or anything, just a basic outline.

Monday: multi joint movements for power/endurance
Cable Throws
Cable Fly/Pushdown
Jump Lunges
Isometrics afterward ex.: Invert Rows/Chins @ 20sec followed by 7-8 fast reps
Tabatas, 12-16mins

Tuesday: Cardio only
Intervals, 20mins
Kenpo (teach)
BJJ class, then rolling afterward

Push Workout
Squats/Leg Press

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1.7.10: INJURY!

I didn't feel too sore after Wednesday's deadlifting. In fact, I felt pretty decent considering that was a new record for me. I kept my form strong, and I was sore only with muscle fatigue. Rolling in BJJ helps me with all the obvious things: strength, endurance, technique, but also with relaxing my body and stretching, etc.

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1.6.10: Strength

Today I repeated most of my workout from my original blog post. Of special note was this time I hit 315lbs on my deadlift, two sets of 3! That is a new weight for me!! Also I subbed out the regular iso pullups with pullups using a belt, so I can work my grip. It changes the work so much I can only get 5, 4, and 3 reps for three sets, but to continue the work I held the top position as long as I could.

I felt unfocused today, still very tired from Monday's power workout. Hopefully this Friday I can work on power-endurance.

Tomorrow night is BJJ night, then Friday night open gym!

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1.4.10: Day One: Power

I started my power training today. I'm doing this so I can be explosive for the full 5 minutes (matches and even just for rolling). I know I'm afraid to push in rolling for fear of gassing out, this is part of why I'm training harder. I try to conserve too much energy, when I may be able to blast through someone quicker!

Clean/Jerk: 2x sets warmup, 3x sets/7 reps 95lbs
Jump Lunges: 3x sets/20 reps (God these hurt)
Diagonal DB Swing: Like a golfer (or barbarian), 3x sets/10 reps per side, 40lbs
Lateral Jumps over step: 3x sets/ 20 reps (chest felt like exploding)

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So yesterday's "workout" was a bust... Didn't do anything! So today I hit the weights hard (hard for me anyway, I'm NOT a weightlifter ha ha!) and lifted for strength:

Warmup: 135x7, 135x7
Reps: 225x7, 275x3, 275x3

Warmup: 60x7, 60x7
Reps: 70x7, 80x9, 80x2

I had a spot on the 4th set. On the 5th I went alone and was worried I would drop the weights!

Isometric Holds, 4 sec down x10, 3 sets

Isometric Holds, 4 sec down x10, 3 sets

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Planning for 2010

I am looking forward to 2010, hoping to get one competition a month in for the year! I have about 11lbs to lose to make 189lbs. I have been training in BJJ since March '09.

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