This Week so far 1.18.10

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1.18.10: Crappy effort right off the bat...tired and no real drive. I only got through half of my workout... Better work next day...

1.19.10: Better... did intervals on the treadmill, up to 4.0mph walk/10.0mph run on a 3.0 incline. I use the incline more than I would if I jogged the whole time, but jogging for that long causes more pain then its worth. So instead I use more incline to take up some slack. The run is harder of course but this is a good tradeoff between +cardio and joint pain...

I did 15min then was feeling pretty bad in my chest (due to two meds I have to take) so I slowed to a light run at a 5, 7, then 9 incline for the last 5min to make sure I didn't completely wuss out...

1.20.10: Ok now thats more like it. Hit a new record for myself with dumbbell bench, 90lbs for 6, then 4 reps after two warmup sets of 60lbs then a heavy set of 12 @ 80lbs! Leg Press was disappointing, only 5 reps @ 810lbs, after a warmup of 300, 540 then two sets of 740x7. I'm pissed because I hit 1000lbsx10 over the summer....tributed to my better work ethic as I prepared for GQ Lancaster PA last September. I did Press today instead of Squats since Squats hit my low back more than I'd like even though I strive for really good form. Hopefully next week...

Hit my other weights, burned out my shoulders and chest with some Overhead Press and Iso Pushups. Also threw in some Torso Rotation @ 130lbsx10 each side for 3 sets. I try to explode into those then slowly return to get burn both ways. Then solid Tabatas for 12min... although I should do more next time.

Tomorrow night intervals again then classes, hopefully I'll have some good grappling stories!


great notes man!

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great notes man!

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