Wednesday/Thursday: Pull Strength

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Wednesday: Pretty sore, so I took the night off of lifting and started the long process of working on my cardio. 10 minutes on elliptical, 10 minutes of sprint intervals on treadmill. As boring as it sounds haha!

Thursday: As the title says, I worked on Pulling strength tonight:

DB Deadlifts: Got up to 100lbs, the weight felt good but my sissy left hand was letting me down...
Leg Curls: Ok on these, I have weak hamstrings so its an uphill climb!
Lateral Raises: Need more weight for these, they're hard. but not THAT hard
Negative Pull Ups: Ok now this was crushing me at the end of the workout. I have very weak biceps so although I finally worked my way up to doing chin ups and pull ups on my own, its damn hard. So to help build up some more strength this month, I did 2 sets of 10 chin ups, jumping to the top position then slowly lowering for a 5 count down. The last set I did dead hang chin ups where I held the squeeze at the top for a second, 10 reps. That nearly killed me in a good way!

Tomorrow night Open Gym...lets see what happens!


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