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This blog will follow my training for competitions this summer. I am hoping to compete as much as possible over the summer, and use my time wisely.

My next scheduled comp is June 19th, at US Grappling's Diamond State Games in Bear, DE.

I am using this month to work on strength, next month power endurance and the weeks in June to hit my cardio hardest and watch my weight. I want to compete under 189lbs and will be setting my target weight for 185. This is most likely an ideal weight for me as I am naturally heavy even though not very muscular or fat.

I'll try to keep this interesting, but I can promise it will be honest! I am my own worst critic, but I feel its essential to excel!

Monday 4.5.10: In the morning I worked on 'pull' strength, hitting Smith machine deadlifts, Leg Curls, Pullups and Lateral Raises. In the evening I rolled with a great group in York, PA, at George McGinnis' York Mixed Martial Arts Academy. We worked on triangle defenses, which is great as it helped reinforce actually using the triangle. I suck at them, my legs are pretty short and I can never close the triangle. Also....I really need to practice more :-) Had some good matches, felt pretty good with cardio, which is one of my biggest problems due to having asthma since I was 12.

Tuesday 4.6.10: Worked on 'push' strength tonight, including Leg Press (working up to squats), Dumbbell Bench and Leg Extensions. I hit two personal records, 1010lbs on Leg Press and 95lb DB's on Bench. Pretty happy about that!

Tomorrow: Back to pulling strength workout, and time to bite the bullet and work on light cardio. Gotta get my lungs in shape!


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