2.20.10: Central Pennsylvania Warrior Challenge Tournament

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Well the weekend finally came. I went in at 199lbs, which is my own damn fault for not hitting my diet/cardio harder. Fortunately cardio was not an issue, I felt pretty strong in my second and third matches (which is weird I got stronger as I kept going!) and wasn't an issue in the first match LOL (See below).

My first match was against a very strong opponent, he was kind of yanking me around like a doll pretty easily. I shot in for a takedown and got caught in a standing guillotine, which we just worked on defenses for....and I panicked. I forgot everything we worked on. My fear came true, that neck/throat injury from the overzealous new guy was and still is hurting, my opponent did a proper guillotine and hit me right there! I freaked, almost tapped, calmed down and fought back, but he had it pretty tight and I tapped. LESSON: Work on takedowns!!!

My second match was a blur. I got taken down and scrambled but we restarted from flying off the mat. There was more scrambling, I got to my feet and we clinched and went down. I was able to secure half guard and locked him down. I wrapped his head with my left and locked up a nice no-gi Ezekiel choke! I tapped him out with it, and I'm pretty happy because I worked on it last week and remembered it when I needed it (for once haha).

The third match was a battle. My opponent was very strong but a little stiff. This was actually tougher to work with because he didn't offer me much to go on. We hit the ground clinched a few times, up and down and all over the mat. I managed to pull off my first ever sweep in competition, but in the heat of rolling I have no idea which one! (In case you haven't read my other posts or caught on by now...I'm still just a white belt and feel like quite a noob haha!) This match ended with me in bottom half guard, my right arm getting caught in a Kimura while I simultaneously snagged a Head and Arm choke with my left. Then the bell rang! We looked at each other and smiled, knowing that 30more seconds may have decided the whole match! As it was I was down on points because I carelessly let my opponent pass my guard. It was a great match though! LESSON: Pay more attention to maintaining superior position.

All in all I'm happy with how I did. My main goals were to stay relaxed and yet keep moving as much as possible. I wanted to "leave it all on the mat" and thought maybe I was but I felt pretty strong after each match. What this means is A: my conditioning program is working (so I need to keep it up!) and B: I can push harder in matches!

The next tourney I can attend is in April. I have 8 weeks to prepare, so I'm thinking something like this:

Wk 1: Bodyweight only exercises (I am pretty sore from the tourney, so to get back into lifting I figured BW exercises to do it)
Wk 2 & 3: Strength primary exercises
Wk 4 & 5: Power primary exercises
Wk 6 & 7: Explosive endurance exercises
Wk 8: Cardio and BW R.O.M. movements to stay loose

Any thoughts on this??


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