2.18.10: BJJ

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Tonight was a good class, drilling mount escapes to back and also working the RNC. I feel more confident in it, as always I miss so many details that make it work as intended. Unfortunately I was drilling with a brand new student (which normally is fine) but this guy was going way too fast and I got my throat crushed kinda bad. It hurts to swallow now! I told him nicely to slow down, so hopefully next time he will do better. I think he was just excited and nervous, but damn my throat is killing me now...

I rolled with a guy in class, I tried pushing the pace and it worked pretty well. We had a lot of good exchanges and close calls, and I managed to get a guillotine from the guard. It was fun!

Tomorrow night is the local MMA fights, Saturday is the competition. I hope it goes well, wish me luck!