2.16.10: BJJ

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Had a good class working on mount to back and recovering mount. It was great to really focus on the details. I get to the back pretty decently on my own, or so I thought, until we reviewed it all again. I realized how many little components I was missing! I got to put them to use almost right away, and was happy to flow from one to the next not once but twice!

I got caught in an armbar but quickly sucked my elbow in. Then, for some unknown reason I allowed my arm to get grabbed again and I got tapped. I'm still trying to figure out what the hell I was doing....

Next match I was able to pull off the mount to back to mount, which was cool since we drilled it during the class. I attempted the S Mount for the first time and was able to isolate his left arm. He panicked and tried to push me off with his hand. I took it and got the Americana! Pretty excited that I was able to remember the lessons and put them to good use.

One more class tomorrow night then the tourney on Saturday!


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