2.15.10: Grappling

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I went to York MMA Academy in York, PA tonight and worked with Coach George McGinnis and his team. It was a great class, we worked on standing guillotine defenses. Its good to know, since it seems you end up in that after failed takedowns. Since my wrestling=fail, I'm glad to add this stuff to my arsenal!

I did some rolling with two much larger opponents tonight. I felt pretty good, strong and my cardio was good. It was refreshing because after some wacky medication problems I've been having since Christmas, I finally feel back to my old self. Turns out BJJ is the best drug to take, LOL!

I took a huge forearm to the nose dead on, that was not much fun, but otherwise was able to hold my own with a beast of a guy. I started becoming more active in guard and being mounted, and stopped just laying flat on my back.

I have my first comp of 2010 this Saturday! I'm pretty excited, although its a small local tourney I'm hoping it will run smoothly. My biggest goal for this comp is to leave it all on the mat. I'm working hard to stay active so I hope it pays off.