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Sacramento was the first California city to make me nervous. It is still California, which means it is full of people I like and good weather, and awesome Mexican food. But it's Norcal. And I have never been there. And what's worse is that Sacramento doesn't have a beach. Isn't that kind of the point of living in California? None the less, I drove up to meet my friend Jen. Jen is one of those perfect friend girls. Couldn't be a sweeter, nicer girl. Shes goregeous as well but luckily both of us became close friends early on so there will never be any awkward crushes. It is good to have friends you can just kick it with. And just kicking it is what California is about. She didn't tell me this until I was on my way but she had just been evicted from her apartment. Apparently, the shit head hipster DJ roommate of hers had collected four months worth of rent from her, combined it with his share, and spent it on non rent related things. Despite my repeated offers, and requests, Jen would not grant me permission to break things in his body. However, if I should somehow come across him during my stay here, I am going to heel hook him until his foot does a full 360 and make sure he never walks the same ever again in his life. On rare occasions I get very upset, and this is one of them. Jen is staying with her neighbor in a spare room for the moment so at least it works out for me. Upon arriving a hopped in the shower, and brushed my teeth, etc etc. Driving has a specific smell. Or maybe the smell doesn't exist, and it's just a feeling. Regardless, despite being a certified road dog, I am not down with poor hygiene or road funk. Jen works at some new age coffee and tea place and they were having a party for their new location opening up. Jen promised there would be girls and free soy lattes. Both of those things are on my top ten list. In Sacramento I feel like a bad ass. Everyone is disgustingly frail. I am very skinny, but this was some next level shit. I feel like Brock Lesnar minus the cock sword tattoo in this city. Party was sweet. Met a babe, drank a bunch of iced coffee, ate a burrito, came home and watched 30 Rock. If you don't like those things you can go back to the Midwest and do manual labor.

Jen's working at a coffee shop ensures that I can spend all day using free internet and trying every different kind of iced coffee that can be made. Tonight I went to Cassio Werneck's gym. Despite my lack of willingness to ever read schedules I missed Marcos Torregrossa. But that just accentuates the beauty of my trip. I have no schedule and just do whatever I want, so after some phone tag, we are back on to train and shoot tomorrow and the next day. Cassio had a great class, with tons of students, including a wide variety of belts. And lot's of guys my size which is always a delightful suprise. When I started jiu jitsu I always wanted to roll with big guys because I had a weird size complex. I wanted to be the giant slayer. Fast forward through a couple years of stiff necks and sore ribs and forget that. Give me little dudes that I can bench press.

If you told me last week that I would be in California, nowhere near the beach, listening to Jesus and Mary Chain and drinking an Earl Gray tea with soy in it I would punch you in your dick for your audacity. Yet here I am, and I enjoy it. I am excited to see more of Northern California (especially the coast) and I think I may end up being one of the disgusting hippies that likes Norcal more than Socal. Is that possible?? I have a feeling that San Francisco will put me on the fence and Santa Cruz will tip me over. We'll see what develops.


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