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Oklahoma. Sun, dirt and Rafael Lovato Jr.

The thing about planning a route across America in which you are meeting and training with, as well as shooting big names black belts is you have a million complicated schedules and you have to piece them together like a puzzle. Add in the fact that some of these puzzle pieces don't speak English, never check their email, don't answer their phone, etc. and it becomes even harder than a puzzle. Like a 3D puzzle of the whitehouse or something. No more of that "oh just find the corners, and then the edges, and then fill in the muddle" kind of stuff.

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From Maryland to Chicago... the journey begins

On this trip I have often referred to my car as my hotel room, and for good reason. It contains a bed, a refrigerator, a closet, and a toilet. To a normal person this would look like a reclined seat, a cooler, a backseat and a window. Being that I was traveling alone I was able to fill my trunk and backseat up with a bunch of seemingly important things but over the course of this trip it became painfully obvious that the only thing that I actually needed to bring were a couple of gi's a jar of peanut butter and jelly and a loaf of bread.

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