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My bad

Took me a while to get back and I am sorry
So I ended up taking third..
Not too happy with myself and I've been sick ever since that day
I can not stop coughing and wheezing...
Which all that started after the first match so it didn't affect the outcome what so ever
All my bad..
Main problem was the start
At the gym we always start from our knees
So every takedown of mine was stuffed
Also I was too worried about points when I should have let them go into side control..
A place I am comfortable in
But whatever
Another tournament down

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Today is the tournament
I weighed in at 145.2 yesterday and I should be grappling in 2 hours
If you hear from me tonight you know I did well
If not uhhh..
Be on next week!
But I plan on THE GOLD!!!

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Been a while..

And I apologize
Got back to training on Monday but just been busy getting ready
Tomorrow are the weigh ins for Grapplers X
Not sure what to think of it if its a big event or not
But I am prepared and ready regardless
Rod knew we had this tournament and we had some new people from other gyms in there...
Drilled some odd guard offense involving the bottom using the tops elbow to get various things
Anyways tonight I had 3 opponents
One of which I had previously grappled once
New guy #1 is like twice as old as me used to grappler alot and just coming back

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Aoki Hammerlock!!!!

See video

Although a little tasteless aftermath which I love Aoki and know there was some bad blood
I find him to be amazing and one of my favorite fighter
This submission was kind of off the wall
He always tries different things and once again I am left in awe

Warning video is a little GRAPHIC!

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Dec. 29th

I might be a little cocky but I find myself top 3 in the class
Today I got a triangle, armbar, and inverted triangle/kimura.. <-- I like that one
Also we start on our knees and i jumped up and put my shin across his chest and while my foot was under his arm I leaned back and threw him over for an armbar...
It was "gnarly"
One guy I went against I just swept twice
But I noticed while he was in my guard he would kind of.. kneel
So one knee was on the ground and his foot was on the ground.

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Not sure exactly how many people will actually look at my blog
I train In Vegas at the TapouT Training Center
Thought maybe I would just do a day by day
Originally from Xtreme Couture
Past Instructors have been
Robert Drysdale
Neil... Forgot the last name but hes good!
Now at TapouT i train under Vinny M and Rod Wilson
Probably go day by day on what we learned how I did in the live rolling
What I caught people in, if I get caught..
Stuff like that and I hope people will do the same!
I'd like to hear what other people are getting

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