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2009 December LV Grapplers Quest Texas Station Results

Children's Beginner No-Gi: Bantam (49.9 lbs. & below):

1. Adam Arenas (AKA)

2. Lance Muela (Lion's Den AZ)

3. Isaac Agaban (Cobra Kai)

Children's Beginner No-Gi: Flyweight (50-59.9 lbs.):

1. Julio Arenas (AKA)

2. Conall Powers (Dog Pound)

3. Austin Newton (Dog Pound)

Children's Beginner No-Gi: Feather (60-69.9 lbs.):

1. Annabella Estevez (Fusion UT)

2. Anthony Landin (Central Valley)

3. Zachary Means (MMA Lab)

Children's Beginner No-Gi: Light (70-79.9 lbs.):

1. Sage Vito (You Shock)

2. Brandon Cardona (Stockton)

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Grapplers Quest in Long Beach, CA

I can't believe Grapplers Quest in Long Beach, CA
is just 9 days away. There are 600 pre-registered fighters and
counting, this event will truly determine the BEST IN THE WEST 2009
and will be our largest event in California ever.

See you on Saturday, October 10th in Long Beach!

Brian C.

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