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GrapplingRadio with Brian Cimins, Episode 2

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Wrapping up the year, I wanted to thank everyone for supporting grappling events nationwide and instructors, school owners and competitors for putting their heart, soul, blood, sweat and tears into the sport we all love.

I promised a very prolific individual in grappling (name withheld by request) I would share a very funny and personal story about a rival promoter from 2009 - enjoy ;-) LOL...


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Limited Edition 2009 World Series of Grappling Hooded Sweatshirt

$10 Off Limited Edition 2009 World Series of Grappling Hooded Sweatshirt:

We thought we sold out of these on December 12th in Las Vegas, but packing up, we found a full sealed box with various sizes. Less than 12 hoodies remain total and these will never be re-produced. This is a nice mid-heavyweight pre-shrunk hooded sweatshirt.

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1st GrapplingRADIO podcast and Intro with Host Brian Cimins of Grapplers Quest...
NEW EPISODE POSTED (Jan. 4th, 2009)
Listen to Episode #1 right here (just click on play below):

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Available Divisions for Grapplers Quest by Age, Weight, Style and Skill Levels

New Weight Classes Added for growing 7-9 age group in Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Divisions for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Submission Grapplng - The new weight classes are as follows:

YOUTH - 7-9 yrs. old (No-Gi and BJJ)
Lightweight (59.9 lbs. and below)
Welterweight (60-69.9 lbs.)
Cruiserweight (70-79.9 lbs.)
Light-Heavyweight (80-89 lbs.)
Heavyweight (90+ lbs)

UPDATED: July 17, 2013
* Added New Men's White Belt and Men's Blue Belt Weight Classes
* Added New Childrens and Teens Weight Classes
* Added Directors (50+ yrs.) No-Gi Divisions

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Ask Bill "The Grill" Cooper a Question...

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Bill "The Grill" Cooper was nicknamed one of America's Most Exciting Grapplers in 2008 and he's up for Grappler of the Year for 2009. I'm conducting an interview with Bill Cooper this Friday for GrapplingRADIO and want to know what you want me to ask him...What questions do you have for BILL COOPER?

David Garmo asked: What weight does he walk around at (not cutting for tournament weight)?

Anthony Califano asked: Where did you learn such good take downs having never wrestled??

Mike Rethmeyer asked: What is your training schedule?

Taitino Clyde Miller wrote:

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Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu featured on cover of Bushido Magazine

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Undefeated 8-time Grapplers Quest Pro Division Champion anown d Miami's FightSports head instructor, Roberto Abreu, took second place in his first ADCC. Roberto took out two time Abu Dhabi champion Jeff Monson prior to losing in the finals to Fabricio Verdun. An unbelievable accomplishment on the international stage.Congratulations to FightSports friend and training partner Pablo Popovich (9-Time Grapplers Quest CHampion) for his championship at ADCC too. After holding Jiu-Jitsu seminars in France, Cyborg made it onto the cover of French karate magazine “Bushido”.

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Catch Wrestler Josh Barnett Earns BJJ Black Belt

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I first met Josh Barnett at the Pan American Games in 2005. He is a confident, well spoken and knowledgeable fighter and instructor, but it was great to meet someone who had achieved so much at a young age, defeating Randy Couture to capture the title. Sadly, it was stripped for his alleged steroid usage, but everyone knows Barnett is the top contender for the Heavyweight title of any MMA organization, worldwide. I hope he signs with the UFC in 2010.

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20% and Free Shipping Through December 31st

Happy Holidays everyone! We're excited about the launch of our new site and I'd like to offer a very special 20% Off offer until December 31st. Purchase any items here and just enter Coupon Code: 20PERCENTOFF (expires 12/31/2009) at Checkout - Brian Cimins, CEO, Grapplers Quest

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