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Classic Video: Brandon The Truth Vera vs. Jeff Snowman Monson at Grapplers Quest 2003

Here's a classic Grapplers Quest Finals Match from the 2003 All-Star Pro Challenge featuring Brandon "The Truth" Vera vs. Jeff "Snowman" Monson

Monson is a 7-time Grapplers Quest champion and two-time Abu Dhabi World Champion (ADCC) and UFC Veteran and Vera is an 11-Time Grapplers Quest Champion and top contender in the Ultimate Fighting Championship - enjoy this classic!

Brandon Vera vs. Jeff Monson at Grapplers Quest 2003

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Grapplers Quest Truck hits the Road This Thursday!

Look out for Grapplers Quest's Blue Truck on the Road and write down the 25% Coupon Code for one time usage, good for ANYTHING, including registrations.

The Blue truck will be at Grapplers Quest's first MAJOR event of the year, The 5th Beast of the East, Saturday, March 20th at Caldwell College in Caldwell, NJ. For more info on that event, go to:

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Video: Andrew McInnes Match Celebrates Grapplers Quest Canada OCTOBER 30TH, 2010

OHHH CANADA...Here we come! You asked for it on this very website and and with the help of our title lead sponsor, FIGHT PLANET, Rick from and the great sanctioning body of Ontario are helping to make it happen. Grapplers Quest is coming to London, Ontario, Canada on Saturday, October 30th to the Western Fair's Canada Building!

For more information, go to:

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Come Join Me for the $1,000 UFC® Dana White Bounty Poker Tournament

Bruce Buffer got me addicted to Poker in 2006 and thousands of hours later (I play while I work all day), I love it more than ever. I've heard Dana White is pretty good and I'm super excited about having a chance to play against him with this awesome contest the UFC. Come join us!

$1,000 UFC® Dana White Bounty Tournament
First Place Wins: $500 Cash
Knockout Dana White and Win: $300 Cash
Top Finishers' Prize Pool: $200 Cash

Play Live with Dana White!

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Classic Video: Ricardo "Big Dog" Almeida vs. Todd Margolis from Joe Priole's Event 2002

Classic Video: Ricardo "Big Dog" Almeida vs. Todd Margolis from Joe Priole's Event 2002

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Michael Trasso 2010 Season Highlight

I've known Michael Trasso since he was around 5-6 years old. I was one of the assistant instructors at Rising Sun Martial Arts in New Jersey where he started training and I helped train him in his early days, from there he started training with Mike Mrkulic (Royler Gracie Black Belt) and his level SKYROCKETED.

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You can help us get GRAPPLING on Television!

You can help get GRAPPLING ON TV - 10,000 fans seals the deal for Grapplers Quest on TV in 2010. We're at 8,400 and climbing, so PLEASE suggest our page to your FRIENDS,

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Ricardo Almeida is ready for WAR in his homestate of New Jersey, March 27th at UFC 111!

UFC welterweight Matt Brown (11-7 MMA, 4-1 UFC) faces off against local hometown favorite and Renzo Gracie Black Belt, Ricardo Almeida (11-3 MMA, 4-3 UFC) at UFC 111.

"I enjoy fighting guys who press the action," Almeida recently told ( "It's easier than fighting someone who's going to play a chess match."

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Renato Tavares (ATT Vero Beach) vs. Jordan Damon at 2004 Grapplers Quest All Star Pro Challenge

Renato Tavares just opened up his NEW academy, visit him at:

American Top Team Vero Beach
In the Indian River Mall
6200 20th Street, Room 471
Vero Beach, Fl
Phone: 754-214-2351
e-mail: [email protected]

Jordan Damon is now teaching at:
Jiu-Jitsu Nation at 1041 Arsenal St. in Watertown, New York
Call 315-767-3579 for more details

Renato Tavares (ATT Vero Beach) vs. Jordan Damon (Jiu-Jitsu Nation)
Event: 2004 Grapplers Quest All Star Pro Challenge

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