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UFC 110's Keith Jardine, 5-Time Grapplers Quest Champion Talks about Ryan Bader

5-Time Grapplers Quest Champion and UFC Contender, Keith Jardine commented,

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Challenge to Jake Rossen of regarding "Grapplers Quest Credentials"

Jake Rossen of wrote the following quote in an article recently, "Belfort’s replacement is Demian Maia, a sensational grappler who is a far less sensational striker. As we’ve witnessed ad nauseam already, it takes more than Grapplers Quest credentials to contend with Silva. While Maia is probably the best possible replacement, he is certainly not the best possible opponent."

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Locoplata from Eddie Bravo

See video

Eddie is the MAN - Locoplata from Eddie Bravo

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World Series Welterweight Final: Marcelo Mafra vs. Dustin Akbari

2009 World Series Welterweight Final: Marcelo Mafra vs. Dustin Akbari

Please post your thoughts on the match below...

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Instructional Video: 18 Submissions from Erik Paulson "Sequence 1" for Grapplers Quest Competitors

Erik Paulson is the founder of Combat Submission Wrestling and has instructed Josh Barnett and many other MMA legends. Erik loves sending his competitors to Grapplers Quest and other submission events. Recently, his student, Josh Barnett won the CBJJ World Heavyweight title without prior CBJJ event experience.

Instructional Submission Video from Erik Paulson exclusively for Grapplers Quest Members and Competitors

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"3 Brothers Instructional Video" from Gracie Tampa's Cristina "Midget Twister" Rodriguez

See video

Gracie Tampa Head Children's Instructor, Cristina "Midget Twister" Rodriguez demonstrates "3 Brothers" in a great instructional for youth and adult competitors alike.

For those who don't know, Rodriguez is a loyal and hard working Grapplers Quest event director, an amazing instructor and game competitor, and one of BEST people I've ever met in the sport.

In case, you don't know how Midge gets down on the competition's a 19 second submission from 2007:

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VIDEO: Vinny Magalhaes vs. Bruno Bastos, 2009 World Series Heavyweight Championship Final

2009 Grapplers Quest World Series of Grappling
$1,000 Heavyweight Pro Division

Championship Finals Match:
Vinny Magalhaes (TUF Season 7)
Bruno Bastos (Brazilian National Champion)

What did you think of this match?

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Attention: School Owners, Instructors and Coaches - BECOME A TOURNAMENT AFFILIATE & MAKE or SAVE MONEY!

Attention: School Owners, Instructors and Coaches - BECOME A TOURNAMENT AFFILIATE & MAKE MONEY - go to:

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Obama Says Go to Vegas - Grapplers Quest September 24-25 at Mr. Olympia

The President was recently quoted saying, "There is no place better to have fun than Vegas, one of our country's great destinations." This came after Nevada lawmakers lashed out at President Barack Obama after he made another reference to Las Vegas while explaining how people should make tough choices on spending. This comes after last week's comment,

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