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Rodrigo Ranieri vs Scott Epstein at 2009 Grapplers Quest World Series of Grappling Featherweight division

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Rodrigo Ranieri vs Scott Epstein at 2009 Grapplers Quest World Series of Grappling Featherweight division. All preliminary and finals matches are being posted for FREE on YouTube. Support professional grappling guys! We're giving away a $10,000 prize crowning the World's Best Grappling in July in California...but we need your support too.

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Bill Cooper vs Ben Pitchford at 2009 Grapplers Quest World Series of Grappling Featherweight division

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We've decided to post ALL of the Prelimins on our website for free and will have ALL Finals and 3rd Place matches (10 total) available for sale for $9.99 in the coming weeks. All customers who purchased all of the Featherweights for $9.99 will receive ALL of the Finals for Free. Thanks for the support!

Please help support to support larger cash prizes for professional grapplers. In July, we're doing a $10,000 Best Grappler in The World 32-Man Challenge and check out our first "pilot/test" episode of GrapplingRadio at:

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Get Featured on Grappling Radio, Call 877-ARMBAR-1

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Grappling Radio and Grapplers Quest want to hear from you. We're opening up a special toll free phone line to get listener feedback, share stories, hardships, triumphs and old war stories on the mat. We'll try to answer any questions you may have on the sport of grappling as well. Call Toll Free 1-877-ARMBAR-1 (1-877-276-2271) and leave a message for Grappling Radio or host Brian Cimins, you could be featured on the next show. Don't be afraid to ask the tough questions, that's what we're here for.

Here are some potential topics:

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Learn How to Blog on the New

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Learn How to Blog on the New with my quick instructional on the new site. Active blogs are promoted on the FRONT page of, getting 2,800 unique visitors daily and growing MASSIVELY every day. You will also earn GQ Points towards merchandise and free ppv video access with every blog post, comment or forum post you make.

If you have any technical questions, please go to:

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Team Rafael Lovato wins 2009 World Series of Grappling Adult No-Gi Overall Team Championship Title!

Rafael Lovato's Team from Oklahoma captures Adult No-Gi Overall Team Championship Title at the 2009 Grapplers Quest World Series on Saturday, December 12, 2009 at Texas Station Gambling Hall and Hotel.


2009 Grapplers Quest World Series of Grappling No-Gi ADULT Overall Team Results:

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GrapplingRadio with Brian Cimins, Episode 2

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Wrapping up the year, I wanted to thank everyone for supporting grappling events nationwide and instructors, school owners and competitors for putting their heart, soul, blood, sweat and tears into the sport we all love.

I promised a very prolific individual in grappling (name withheld by request) I would share a very funny and personal story about a rival promoter from 2009 - enjoy ;-) LOL...


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Limited Edition 2009 World Series of Grappling Hooded Sweatshirt

$10 Off Limited Edition 2009 World Series of Grappling Hooded Sweatshirt:

We thought we sold out of these on December 12th in Las Vegas, but packing up, we found a full sealed box with various sizes. Less than 12 hoodies remain total and these will never be re-produced. This is a nice mid-heavyweight pre-shrunk hooded sweatshirt.

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1st GrapplingRADIO podcast and Intro with Host Brian Cimins of Grapplers Quest...
NEW EPISODE POSTED (Jan. 4th, 2009)
Listen to Episode #1 right here (just click on play below):

or Subscribe to Grappling Radio here:

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Want your own Blog on the FRONT PAGE of

If you'd like to start writing your own personal FREE blog on, go to:

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Available Divisions for Grapplers Quest by Age, Weight, Style and Skill Levels

UPDATED: July 17, 2013
* Added New Men's White Belt and Men's Blue Belt Weight Classes
* Added New Childrens and Teens Weight Classes
* Added Directors (50+ yrs.) No-Gi Divisions
* Added Little Ninjas (4 and under) No Submissions, Points Only for Position
* Added Additional Weight Classes for Jiu Jitsu for Men's, Executive and Masters Purple, Brown and Black Belt Divisions

Division Key:

Youth's divisions are broken down by the following AGES (subject to change):
CHILDREN (Little Ninjas) - 4 years and under (No Submissions, Points Only for Position)

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