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Grapplers Quest Venue and Date Moved to Northeast Combat Sports Expo - December 14 - Edison, New Jersey

Three days of combat sports! That's what December holds for fight fans at the NJ Expo Center in Edison, New Jersey. On Friday, Dec 13, there's a Strikezone Muay Thai event. On Saturday is a spectacular double-header: During the day, Grapplers Quest sponsored by Dead Serious Fight Gear presents the World Championship Grappling Open, featuring gi and no-gi contests. Then on Sunday, Tiger Schulmann's MMA presents Challenge of Champions XXXV.

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Vera and Laimon Inducted into Grappling Hall of Fame at Grapplers Quest - November 16 in Vegas

Brandon Vera and Marc Laimon Inducted into Grappling Hall of Fame at Grapplers Quest - November 16 in Vegas
Plus FREE Seminar for Autism Awareness

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$35,000 in Prizes at 2013 Grapplers Quest World Series - Las Vegas - November 16

$35,000 in Prizes at Grapplers Quest World Series - November 16 in Vegas

(LAS VEGAS, November 8, 2013) - Grapplers Quest® is proud to announce the 13th annual "World Series of Grappling" on Saturday, November 16, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Sports Center located at 121 East Sunset Road. FightNow® Television team will be recording for tape delay event highlights plus airing to one million viewers monthly on YouTube at

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NAIL BITER SUBMISSION - 10 Seconds remaining - Cobra Kai's Jerry Shapiro vs. Casey Kenney at Grapplers Quest

Final Weekend to Pre-Register for our Largest Event of 2013,
The 2013 Grapplers Quest World Series in Las Vegas,
Saturday, November 16th
Register Now and Get a Free T-Shirt at:

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Fast Submission - $2000 Absolute Marcelo Mafra vs Daniel Huber at Grapplers Quest Phoenix 2013


VEGAS: Saturday, November 16th in LAS VEGAS, get details here:

NEW YORK: Saturday, December 7th in Flushing, NY, get details here:

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Can you Name this Submission? Marcelo Mafra vs Issa Able at Grapplers Quest Europa Games 2013

Next Event is Saturday, November 16th in LAS VEGAS, Nevada, get more details here:

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Submission Video - Fast Inverted Heel Hook at Grapplers Quest Europa Games Phoenix

2013 Grapplers Quest
World Series of Grappling
Saturday, November 16th
Las Vegas, Nevada

Pre-Register early and Save $21+ here:

FIGHTERS - Pre-Register and SAVE for ANY Upcoming Events at:

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Monsters of MMA - Kickstarter Fundraising Campaign for Epic Fantasy Mixed Martial Arts Comic Book Series

We are currently running a Kickstarter for my series, Monsters of MMA, which blends mixed martial arts, science fiction, and horror together into one comic that has drama, suspense, and tons of great fight scenes in it. I am currently 75% funded - however I only have 9 days left and sincerely appreciate any help that you can provide.

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