WARRIOR Movie Review - Grappling reigns supreme, the Tipping Point of our Sport by Brian Cimins

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In Wrestling, we had VISION QUEST, in Boxing we had ROCKY, in MMA, we now have WARRIOR...It's a must-see for any fan, competitor or fighter. It's a compelling, very relatable story for many Americans - "we're about to lose our home, but I'm not going down without a fight." The main character uses the "teacher story line" borrowed from Rich Franklin, the financial challenges of our time and the heart of Forrest Griffin, but looks a little like Conan O'Brien. Anyway, the main character's younger brother and he enter a $5,000,000 2-night, 16-man tournament.

Don't miss it - big props to Skrape and Dan Caldwell, aka Punkass for helping the producers keep it real and get some great exposure for a brand that really helped revolutionize the sponsorship in Mixed Martial Arts. Also, there were 5 submissions in a 16-man tournament made me REALLY happy. Mixed Martial Arts fans are getting it, the fine mixed martial art of grappling is a SERIOUS contender, not the "boring, man hugging" it was referred to just 4-5 years ago, even sometimes booed. Grappling's respect level will change forever after watching this movie. What's next? in GRAPPLING we'll have...Grapplers Quest :-). As Mask would say, "Simply Believe" - thank you Charles, I've already seen the future and this is a reality.

See you on the mats, ringside, on TV or on the big screens soon!

Your grappling promoter,
Brian J. Cimins, President
Grapplers Quest Worldwide