UFC Veteran, Tom DeBlass Offers MMA Seminar for Autism Awareness Fundraiser on December 8 - Asbury Park, New Jersey

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Asbury Park, New Jersey - The 2012 Grapplers Quest World Championships on Saturday, December 8th in the newly renovated Convention Hall located at 1300 Ocean Avenue in Asbury Park. Along with a Non-Perishable food drive at the event, Grapplers Quest will also be hosting a special Autism Awareness campaign together with AutismRadio.org and local New Jersey shore Black Belt Instructor and UFC veteran, Tom DeBlass. Pre-Registered Fighters can attend free, don't delay, go to: http://www.grapplersquest.com/products/fighter-registration-2012-grapple... OR non-competitors looking to attend the seminar can support the charity and attend the seminar with just a $50 donation, 100% donated to AutismRadio.org, 1 501c3 can go to: http://www.grapplersquest.com/products/seminar-fundraiser-autism-awarene...

Tom DeBlass' Impressive Resume:
Grapplers quest national champion
Grapplers quest beast of the east champ
Mundials Brown Belt bronze medal
Brown Belt Pan American Champ
Brown Belt National Champ
Brown Belt No Gi World Champ
Black Belt No Gi Worlds Bronze Medal
Abu Dhabi Trial Champion
Abu Dhabi Veteran
Ring of Combat Light heavy weight and Heavy weight champ
UFC veteran
7-2 professional MMA record.