UFC Superfight: Jeff Glover vs. Wilson Reis at Grapplers Quest at UFC Fan Expo Las Vegas 2009

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Friday, May 28th, 2009 at Ultimate Fighting Championships own UFC Fan Expo presented by Grapplers Quest, The World's First Grappling Brand and Tournament Circuit.

The amazing story behind this Superfight is that Grapplers Quest owner, Brian Cimins found out Glover's original opponent had been injured just 18 hours before the event started. After set-up on Thursday at Mandalay Bay, Brian took his team to dinner at "The Noodle Shop" where a friend and superfighter from Pennsylvania, Wilson Reis sat and ate alone. Reis was in Las Vegas trying out for Bellator and immediately agreed to the match with Jeff Glover, on just 16 hours notice. It ended up being one of the most exciting Superfights in Grappling History...enjoy it FREE from Gaspari Nutrition -

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