Thank you Pablo Popovitch for Offering a Free Seminar to Raise Awareness for Autism

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CORAL SPRINGS, FLORIDA - On Saturday, January 14, at the 2012 Grapplers Quest Florida State Grappling Championships sponsored by TapouT and Gaspari Nutrition, multiple-time World Grappling Champion, Pablo Popovitch offered a seminar to all of the Youth competitors to help raise awareness for Autism and our national supporting charity, Autism Radio, a 501c3 charitable organization dedicated to supporting families with financial and emotional needs dealing with Autism every day.

Popovitch spent 30 minutes teaching and reviewing techniques to help raise awareness for Autism and a new Bully Prevention Program at Grapplers Quest events worldwide, "Grappling Autism".

Many people asked me at the live event, how they can support Families with Autism? You can make a donation directly online at:

Dear Pablo, on the behalf of myself and the Autism Radio Community we would like to Thank You from the Bottom of our hearts for coming out and helping raise money and bringing awareness to so many people that may not know about Autism so that they can do there part to help the families in need.

As you know, the struggles families face its such an up hill battle for so many families to get services and financial support to afford different treatments and Tools that will help there child succeed in life. We need all need to help out. Because time is so crucial to help get the child the services they need.

Thank You again from all of us dealing with Autism every day.

Paul M. Cimins
President & Founder
Autism Radio, 501c3 Charitable Organization
Co-Host of Hope Saves The Day
E-mail: [email protected]