TEAM AWARDS: 2010 Beast of the East Awards to be presented Saturday, June 12th in Morristown, New Jersey at U.S. Nationals

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TEAM AWARDS FROM 2010 BEAST OF THE EAST will be presented, Saturday, June 12th at the 2010 Grapplers Quest U.S. National Championships, come out and support your team, get info at:

Remember, The World's Best Coaches Produce the World's Best Submission Fighters!

2010 Beast of the East
March 20th, 2010
1st Place Overall
Youth Team Champions

Coaches Lloyd Irvin, Donnie Achnick, Brad Court, Jared Weiner, Mike Moses and the rest of the Team Lloyd instructor team continue to create champions and this event was no different, with a near clean sweep in multiple divisions, the teenage grapplers have a team to beat, Team Lloyd Irvin.

2010 Beast of the East
March 20th, 2010
2nd Place Overall
Youth Team Champions

Coach Justin Garcia (and Sam Marji) has been bringing an army of kids (30+) to Grapplers Quest events for several years and the team's performance in this particular event nearly earned them the Overall Children's (under 12 years old) championship title. This is the Jungle Gym's second 2nd Place overall finish as a team, but was very close.

Note: Two of Lloyd Irvin's top students and division winners were mislabeled as TSMMA (Tiger Schulman). Several team names were incorrectly marked, therefore the results were incorrectly tabulated (due to reverse listing, 3rd-1st as well added to inproper reporting.

Just so no one thinks anything other than the truth is being reported:
Jungle Gym won 9 Gold Medals, 4 Silver, and 10 Bronze
Team Lloyd Irvin won 10 Gold Medals, 9 Silver, and 11 Bronze in Children's.

2010 Beast of the East
March 20th, 2010
1st Place Overall
Team Champions

Team Renzo Gracie has been on the rise in the past few Northeast events, in overall competitors and placings in the top 3 places to earn valuable team points. This year's overall 2010 Beast of the East Team Champions were Team Renzo Gracie.


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