REMINDER: Adult BJJ GOES FIRST THIS WEEKEND - important schedule and weigh-in cut-off times and details

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REMINDER: Following the children's and teen's divisions, for the first time ever, MEN'S BRAZILIAN JIU JITSU Divisions will start off the Adult Divisions on Saturday, June 12th at the U.S. Nationals, Grapplers Quest

BJJ always goes last and it's not fair, this event they go right after the kids and I can't wait to see the increase in jiu jitsu fighters entering Grapplers Quest events. The last event (March 20th in Caldwell, NJ) ran really really long and the BJJ guys were so patient, so I wanted to give back to them and for a change, BJJ goes first at Grapplers Quest.

We also added 4 more mats, more refs, increased staff, on mat awards presentation, smoother registration and weigh-ins. We're trying hard and giving away $7,500 cash to help support the competitors who deserve the glory of becoming a Grapplers Quest champion. We have the best fans in the world and we really appreciate your grass roots recruiting of fellow students to come watch you or your teammates this weekend. It's going to be an amazing event!

I really hope the grappling, jiu jitsu, judo , wrestling and sambo communities come out to support this ground fighting and submission showcase. It will be epic for all grappling styles worldwide and for the FIRST TIME the Official 2010 Team U.S.A. (all Advanced Men's and Women's Divisions) who will challenge Team Canada on December 4th in Asbury Park, New Jersey!


Friday, June 11th - 5-8 PM (at venue)
Saturday, June 12th - Open at 7:00 AM

Weigh-In Cut-off Times:
9:00 AM - All Children & Teen's MUST be weighed-in
10:00 AM - Men's Black, Brown, and Purple Belts MUST be weighed-in
11:00 AM - All Executive and Women's BJJ MUST be weighed-in
12:00 PM - Men's Blue and White Belts MUST be weighed-in
1:00 PM - Men's No-Gi Advanced and Intermediate MUST be weighed-in
2:00 PM - Men's No-Gi Beginner and Novice MUST be weighed-in

10:00 AM - All Children and Teens No-Gi & BJJ
12:00 PM - Men's Black, Brown, and Purple Belts
1:00 PM - All Executive (30+) and Women's Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Divisions
2:00 PM - Men's Blue and White Belts
3:00 PM - All Executive (30+) and Women's No-Gi Divisions
4:00 PM - Men's Advanced (Absolutes after)
5:00 PM - Men's Intermediate (Absolutes after)
6:00 PM - Men's Beginner (Absolutes after) and Men's Novice (Absolutes after)

Amateur Competitors: Save $20 plus $5 off Tickets when you register online, go to:

Spectators: Save $10, get tickets now, go to:


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